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We Need To Talk

I've been trying to put off writing this post for some time. It's time now!

You may have noticed that I've been really quiet on the blog for a few weeks. I've decided to take a little blogging break and rather than just disappear I wanted to try and explain as best I can.

Life is crazy busy right now. It's like there is a party going on in my head 24/7. My mind is racing and operating at full speed all the time. Constantly. Even my dreams are stressful! I feel like I have no spare brain capacity left and I need to de-prioritise a few things for a short while so I can get some time back.

Little Bump Shop is busier than ever and needs more of my time so it's the blog that I'm deciding to back off with just for a short while.

I love to be busy. I relish in being busy. It's what keeps me going. For the past year I had found a lovely little balance of home life and staying home with Baby Girl as well as managing my blog and my little business. It was always busy but it was manageable.

A couple of months ago I took on an extra short term commitment on top of everything else. Initially I thought I would be able to manage things. I was able to for a short while. And then I realised how little sleep I was actually getting trying to squeeze things in. And there was the constant stress I felt I was under with a to do list in my head that never got a dent in it.

I started forgetting things. Not just because I'm forgetful but because there was no more room in my brain. A few weeks ago as I was letting myself into Baby Girls nursery, immediately after I entered I couldn't remember keying in the passcode to open the door or even opening and closing the door behind me. The penny started to drop in that moment. That is not me.

Most  of all, recently I feel like I've been loosing quality time with my family. Quality time with Baby Girl because when we do have our days together I don't have a clear mind. Quality time with my husband because spending evenings with him after I have put Baby Girl to bed have been non existent. There is simply to much to do. Sacrificing quality time with my family is not something I am ever willing to do which is why I've decided on the temporary pause.

I'm not feeling great about it. I feel like I have built up my blog to a place that I'm really happy with. For the first month ever I have entered the top 500 blogs for Tots100. I'm #436 to be precise. This is ranked out of over 8000 parent blogs in the UK, so that's a big thing for me and a goal I have been aiming to for quite some time.

I'm trying to be happy with my achievements so far and still feel positive that my blog will always be here. Hopefully I can pick it back up in a few months and not feel like I've taken too much of a step back.

I'm also feeling particularly sad about not keeping the #MinisMeals momentum going. I'm so sorry for starting something that I've been unable to maintain. It will be back, I promise. To any of you who were joining in, I hope you'll continue to do so when I bring it back. I also need to apologise for any blog comments I simply haven't replied to. I hate that I just haven't had the time to do so.

So here's where I'm at. My other commitments are going to see me tied up at least until mid July. Once that's done and dusted, I will have time to refocus on the blog and pick up where I left off. I'll use the time to make sure I'm clear on the direction of the blog and what Im going to focus on.

I often feel that my content is so varied and worry that it may be a little too varied. If there's any posts that I do that you particularly enjoy or even anything that you think I could do less of on the blog I would really appreciate any feedback. Too much or too little - baby fashion, recipes, mummy stuff, home stuff, travel, restaurant reviews, giveaways etc? .... Feel free to leave me a comment or email me - I'd love to hear from you, even if you do just have any questions for me while I'm not posting.

I'll still be updating my social media so do follow me if you're not already and you want to keep up to date with the Eat.Love.Live household.

I've already cut right back on the blog and I must say I've been much more relaxed in the last week and I'm feeling a lot happier and calmer, although I am already missing you all and sharing bits of my life with you. I'll be sitting on my fingers struggling not to pick up my laptop and start a blog post but I know it's what I need to do right now and I hope you understand.

See you back on here July/ August some time. I really will miss you.

PS. I have been posting my little heart out for over a year so there's lots in the archives whenever you fancy a dose of Eat.Love.Live. Big love!

Kat x

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  1. Good luck Kat - sometimes it is good to just take a break :) I've enjoyed minismeals and perhaps if you want a co-hose to help you out after the summer then give me a shout :) Emma x

  2. I can completely understand where you're coming from. I'm feeling overwhelmed and am considering a little blog break myself to reflect. I'm also glad little bump is going well. Enjoy your break Xx

  3. Seems like you have a lot on your plate at the moment and you totally deserve a break! No blog is more important than spending quality time with your daughter and husband. I've had a break (a really long one!) for the second time - I guess I'm just lazy though haha! Xxx



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