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Keeping Some Things Private

When I started this blog I had NO idea what I was in for.

To be honest, I just wanted to write. I set myself up with a blogger account and just went for it. My blog in its purest form was in the first few weeks before I didn't know what I know. I opened up my heart and wrote about what was going on with me. Some of my earliest blog posts were about the sleep deprivation I experienced with baby girl, my missing home and my breastfeeding journey.

I quickly got immersed in the blogging world and I remember reading so many blogging tips. One that really struck a chord with me around blog topics. It mentioned readers not just wanting to know your life story and to give them something to take away once they've read one of your posts. Growing my blog and gaining readers was becoming more and more important so I decided this is what I would do. I set a schedule for the blog and started posting baking recipes, posts on my favourite products and places and baby fashion.


Losing Baby Weight Challenge: Week #2

Week 2 of my losing weight challenge is done and dusted. I have mentioned before that I've been on and off the bandwagon a lot since baby girl was born. Things always seem to crumble around week 2 - 3, so this time is really important for me to keep focused right now.


Baby Girl's First Pair Of Clark's Shoes

Followers of my baby fashion posts will know that baby girl is not lacking in the shoe department. Her collection could rival some adults. I buy her shoes because I think they are cute or would go well with an outfit. I guess the size by sight and then she wears them for all of 5 minutes before she rubs her feet together like a genie and kicks them off. The shoes that she has been wearing are proper baby ones with soft soles.

Now that baby girl is so close to walking I can smell it, I decided she needs some proper crawling to walking shoes that are the right fit, comfy and a hard sole for her to walk anywhere in them. So we took a visit to Clarks!


Sunday Mini Styles #15

And another Sunday rolls along. Hope it's a fab one for you all. With the miserable weather forecast, it looks like it will be a day in for us.

I'm so so so in love with the gorgeous outfit featured today. It was a gift for baby girl for her christening back in March and I'm so excited that it fits her now.


I Quit

I quit.

That felt weird to type.

Ok, well I didn't quite put it like that when speaking to my boss two days ago, but I have officially resigned from my job at the end of my maternity leave.

It is the right decision. I know it is. Once things settle I'm confident that I won't look back, but right now I can't help feeling like I'm losing a part of my identity. Am I going to regret leaving behind something that's such a big piece of me?


Losing Baby Weight Challenge: Week #1

I just completed the first week of my official losing my baby weight public challenge. Overall it was a great week.

Here's a break down:


Baby Holiday Packing Tips - What We Packed, Used & Didn't

As quite the seasoned traveller I enjoy packing. There's something exciting, in the lead up to your adventures, about going through your belongings and carefully selecting what to pack.

I am normally one for doing this a day or two before leaving and always make sure I have options. Options on what piece of  clothing goes with another. Options on my footwear - day, night time and beach, multiple options on costume jewellery, because if you can't be excessive with that when you're on holiday, when can you be? Even options on shades of lipstick, again feeling more free to make bolder choices when away from my humble abode. I would ensure I had many options and would be lucky if I utilised 1/3rd of them, but that's how I liked it!

A sense of fear came over me when two weeks before our recent holiday, people (mostly experienced mums experienced with travelling) asked me if I had started packing yet. Worse still when I saw their faces turn white as I told them we had only purchased 1 x 20kg checked in luggage for me, my husband and 10 month baby girl for our 6 day, 5 night stay. And then even more when they wished me good luck in a tone that I knew they meant I was going to need it.


Sunday Mini Styles #14 (Holiday Edition)

Well hello there my baby fashion followers. It's been a while! I hope you have all been enjoying yourselves while we have been holidaying in Greece. We had such a nice time but it's good to be back. I love travelling but I also love the feeling of coming back to your own bed and shower when you get home.

Because we've missed out on a couple of weeks worth of mini styles I thought I would treat you with a jam packed holiday edition. I tried to take as many photos go baby girl's outfits whilst we were away. They are not the usual set up. There were a lot of quick clicks before we went out to enjoy the day, so the quality of the pics are not amazing but I'm sure you'll get the picture.


Beach After Baby

One of the very first posts I wrote was about trying to tackle my baby weight. That was 4 months ago and in that time I've been fluctuating with yoyo weight loss. Losing and gaining, losing and gaining.

I got myself in a huge panic when last month with just 3 weeks to go, I booked us a family holiday by the beach. I have always loved beach holidays.

Lounging on a sun bed, soaking up the rays, swimming.....

And then the realisation. I have been attempting to cover up my lumps and bumps with strategically placed clothing for 10 months. Beach time? Bikini time? There is no where to hide.

So after my heart sunk to my stomach and I wondered whether or not I should have just booked a city break, I really thought about things.

Realistically I wasn't going to find a miracle weight loss pill that would get me in my old bikini in time for my holiday but the panic was enough to realise I need to do something long term and perhaps a better goal would be to look fabulous for our holiday to Australia in December.


Mama's Holiday Style

I do regular fashion posts on what my baby girl wears and I seriously love fashion. I once lived by Carrie Bradshaw's motto of - ' I like to keep my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet'. Sure, it got me into a lot of credit card debt but I was happy. Clothes make me happy!


Our First Family Holiday (Corfu, Greece)

This post is a long time coming. We've been back from our holiday for over a week now and life has just got the better of me. We had the most AMAZING time on our first holiday as a three. It was so lovely for all three of us to spend some time together in an extended moment that wasn't just the revolving weekend, for baby girl to bond with her daddy even more - those two are thick as thieves - and for us all to chill out and relax.

I took so many photos. It was lovely to go through them all to re-live the holiday. If you follow me on social media you would have seen some pictures that I posted whilst we were away and I wanted to dedicate a blog post to our wonderful holiday.

Ahhhh take me back there again!


Life Update

Hi guys!

After a two week blogging break I am back :)

We enjoyed our first family holiday to Greece, which was absolutely amazing. You may have already seen some of my holiday shots on Instagram and there will definitely be a blog post or two to document our stay.