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A Day With: Love From Mim

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.
Today's guest is the wonderful Mim from Love From Mim. Mim is a Brit living in my home country Australia. Mim blogs about life in Oz with her husband and two children - a gorgeous three year old girl and a beautiful baby boy who is nearly one. Mim is the epitome of strength. Late last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer and through her blog she bravely shares her story. She is kicking cancer's butt!
I love reading about Mim's day. She certainly lives a very busy life. I know first hand how challenging it can be to manage working from home for yourself and balancing home life and she seems to have it figured out very nicely. I can so relate with Mim in regards to catching up with overseas family and friends at awkward times. The time difference between UK and Australia can be challenging.

Minis Meals #1

Welcome to Minis Meals!!

I have had this idea this very active mind of mine for such a long time and I'm so happy today to finally be launching my very own linky #MinisMeals.


I Joined The Gym

If you're surprised by the title of this blog post, believe me - I am too. I'm not exactly a lover of exercise and If I'm really honest there are times where the thought of a gym session is enough to make me feel physically sick.

So over the last few weeks as the idea was popping up in my head, I kept pushing it right to the back of my long list of priorities. But it kept on finding its way right to the top of my thinking space so I decided it was time to just bite the bullet and sign up.


Baby Girl's Birth Story

When you become a mother, you become your mother.

We laugh at my mum every birthday we have because without fail, every year she reflects.... "This time X years ago I was in the delivery ward getting ready to meet you"...... and it goes on. We teased her for so many years anticipating when she was going to bring it up. I laugh at myself now because so far, every one month birthday my princess has I find myself doing exactly the same thing.

Now I am a mother I get it. That was the best day off my life, I got to meet my princess. It was the start of my life as a mother and a celebration of baby girl's day of birth. I am amazed with both how quick time is going but also that life before Baby Girl feels like a very distant haze. Grab a cup of tea, get comfy, this is going to be a long post. The story of her birth.


Sunday Mini Styles #46

I do enjoy writing these posts every weekend. From putting the outfits together, the flat lays, updating you guys on my week to  taking the photos...... OK the photos don't always go to plan.

In fact, I'm setting myself up for disappointment if I think I have any kind of plan when taking the photos of Baby Girl's outfit. She refuses to stand still, rarely poses and is always on the go. I'm not complaining about it. She's a toddler and not the worlds next Naomi Campbell (but I'm sure she could be if she really wanted to be LOL) but I am becoming a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to taking photos and any expectation that I have of how my toddler fashion shoots will turn out is always tipped upside down by her antics.

I don't let it stress me out. If I did, I wouldn't do it. As well as enjoying sharing these photos with you all, it is a bit of fun for Baby Girl and I to have together. What it does mean is that sometimes the photos will turn out the way today's have, when the photo that best shows her outfit is one of her laying down on her rug and being silly. But those kind of photos mean that we've had a ball taking them together and at the end of the day that's what it's all about.


Our Virgin Atlantic Flight Experience With A Toddler

Over Easter I took a trip to Nigeria with my family. It was the third trip I've had with my baby girl who is actually no longer a baby! At 21 months I think we've enjoyed our free travel with her for the last time.

I highly recommend travelling as much with your baby before they are two. Tickets for under twos are free (there's normally a minimal tax charge) as long as you're happy for them not to have a seat. Even when they don't have a seat most airlines will provide cots that can be set up depending on your baby's size. You are given loads of extra luggage allowance. Normally a min 10kg suitcase and 2 extra peices like a car seat, portable cot or stroller.

So far we've flown EasyJet, Singapore Airlines and our most recent trip to Nigeria was Virgin Atlantic. I must say, our best in flight experience by far was with Virgin Atlantic so I today I'm sharing more details about our trip.


Sunday Mini Styles #45


I know it's really late on a Sunday to be posting my mini styles post but things are slightly hectic at the moment and this is the first chance I've had to sit down and put some words to this week's photos.

The weather is a big tease at the moment. Last week I was thinking it's possible for us to be packing our winter coats away for another season, but alas we've had some fiercely cold and windy days this week and winter coats have been much needed. On the whole I am still rather chuffed that the sun is making and appearance, we have blossom trees in full bloom lining our street and the sun isn't saying goodnight until 8pm.

Here's this week's outfit featuring a jacket that is making a near daily appearance in the outfit diaries lately.


A Day With: What The Redhead Said

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.

Today I'm super excited to have someone I would label as blogging royalty - Donna from What The Redhead Said. Whilst there are over 8000 parent blogs in the UK, it still feels like a small and supportive community. Donna is definitely someone who helps bring us all together. She runs an amazing Facebook group for us parent bloggers and always shares her own blogging tips that are very helpful. And I haven't even started on her amazing blog full of posts about life with her 2 adorable children and her lovely husband. She also hosts some fab guest post series and often has great giveaways going on.

Donna sure has got a great juggling act going on in being able to manage the day with her family. I love the togetherness feeling that I get from reading about her day. I'll salute any parent who has their child in bed by 7.30pm. What's your secret Donna?


My Baby Is No Longer A Baby

This week my Baby Girl has graduated out of the babies room and into the toddlers room.

This was an extremely easy transition for her. She had a few settling in days, bonded with her new key worker and that was it. On Monday I dropped her off in her new surroundings. She gave me a kiss and cuddle goodbye and went to mix with her new friends. When I picked her up at the end of the day I was told that she had done amazingly well and it was like she had always been there.

I've been proud as punch. I love that her little character embraces change, loves mingling with new friends and seems to just roll with whatever new situations are thrown her way with confidence and independence.


Weekly Grocery Haul And Meal Plan (SAINSBURY'S & ICELAND) #3

I'm enjoying sharing my grocery hauls and meal plans with you all so I'm going to continue it. This time I've done something a little different and I've filmed my grocery haul for you have a nosey at.

It's much nicer to see a shopping haul over video I think so I'll continue to do it this way. It was a bigger shop this week. Here it is:


Sunday Mini Styles #44

This week I've been shopping! I realised that Baby Girl is growing out of her current wardrobe and he needed lots of bits to suit her in the warmer months. This time of year I always have a bit of a spree. I really do love winter fashion but as the days start to get warmer I get excited with adding light and bright summery pieces again.

The dress I'm featuring today is great for the transition into warmer days. It's a gorgeous jersey cotton material and is pretty thick. You can add tights, cardigans, jackets and layer up or down to suit the day.


Our Family Holiday To Nigeria, Africa

I feel so incredibly lucky that I have the opportunity in this life to see the world. The feeling of freedom, of exploration and relaxation that I get from travelling is like nothing I could even put into words. The fact that I am now able to share my passion with my family is just something else. In her 19 months of life I have taken Baby Girl across 4 continents. I will never take that for granted and I feel nothing but blessed.


What We Ate In Lagos, Nigeria

If you've followed me over the last few weeks you will know that we've just returned from a family holiday to Lagos, Nigeria. It was a pretty special trip. There was 14 of us staying under one roof (my parents in-law's place) across 4 generations and we were there as a 70th birthday gift for my father in law.

I have a bunch of holiday posts about our trip to come and I wanted to start with one about what we ate. I'll start with a disclaimer, the places that we visited were not traditional Nigerian restaurants and I was really surprised at how many different cuisine options there were. The places that we found were often in random streets or behind big locked gates. There's no strips with popular eateries, you need to know where you're going so I thought this would be quite a useful post to write.


Sunday Mini Styles #43

We're back from our holiday. It's always tough coming back from a holiday but it makes it easier that in seems that in a space of the week we were away Spring has well and truly sprung. Even though my bones are still cold getting used to the UK weather after having a weeks worth of African sun - the days are brighter, the sun is peeping through and today I noticed that our blossom tree has started to flower. That always puts a smile on my face.

In keeping up with the African theme on the blog I thought I would show you Baby Girl's very first custom made dress from Nigeria. This is a dress that my mother in law brought back from one of her trips about 6 months ago. At the time it was too big for her to wear but she is growing into it and I think she looks so adorable in it - my little African princess.

I love everything about African fashion. It's bright, the fabric is gorgeous, the prints are bold, many of the designs are structured - just as I love and everything screams STATEMENT! It's so different to my standard monochrome UK wardrobe and after visiting Nigeria it has inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with my outfit choices. I brought a couple of bits home for myself from our holiday so I'll be sure to share them with you soon.


A Day With: Babi A Fi

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.

Today's guest is the lovely Jess from Babi a Fi. Jess shares her life with her adorable toddler Marianna and partner Anthony. Together they live in Wales. Anthony is a stay at home dad and Jess works as a Labour Party Councillor. I'm super excited she has agreed to guest and I find her day so interesting. Jess blogs about her life, blogging tips, politics, collecting dolls and loads more.

I think Jess has managed to find an amazing balance between being a mummy and having a career and I'm amazed at how she manages to really keep things together. She's very lucky to have Anthony who seems like an amazing daddy to their little one, which must make balancing life a little easier. I'm also very impressed at how many times Jess manages to press her snooze alarm. Do any of you other mummies out there use an alarm?