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London Bottomless Brunch Review: Gaucho Electro Brunch

One of the problems I've found about living in London is that my original group of friends is constantly disbanded and/ or in transit. I met my squad when I first arrived in the UK and was living in a flat in the middle of Camden Town. There were always people coming to London and then leaving again. Heartbreaking but at the same time, a way of life.

Last weekend one of the squad was back in London for a few days after being away for over 2 years. As soon as we knew her movements we booked out a Saturday in the diary and I was tasked with finding us a place to have Bottomless Brunch. Now if you've been here before, you'll know I'm a fan of brunch and I knew this booking had to be a super special one.

Through my googling I discovered that a number of Gaucho locations are doing an 'Electro Brunch' on Saturdays. Gaucho is known for being amazing at serving Argentinean steak, but as a pescetarian I've eaten there before and loved the quality of food, service and dining experience. As soon as I browsed through the brunch menu I knew I was onto something good and I instantly booked our long awaited lady date.


I'm A 'Bad Mom' And I'm Actually OK With That

This week I went to the movies with two of my most favourite mummy friends and we watched Bad Moms. We booked a late night session so we could do bed time with the kiddos before we snuck out. Even though that was the sensible route, part of me still felt like a rebel, stepping out of the house at 9pm on a Monday evening. I can't remember the last time I did that. It was another lifetime ago.

So I'm not about to even try and be a movie critique. Actually I think this was the first movie I've seen in 4 years, so a movie buff is something I'm not. However this was such a brilliant movie and 4 days on I'm still thinking about it, and as the blog is the place I come to share my thoughts, well, here  I am :)


Review: Beets BLU Smart Scale

I'm a bit of an all or nothing person. I'm like this in most  aspects of my life. I ether put my everything into something or I don't pay a second thought to it.

The same goes for the way I use scales. I either jump on the scales every day or I stay well away for weeks, months sometimes! Since being on my mum bod mission I do weigh myself most days. I've heard in the past that it's not ideal to do it so often but daily motivation helps me, especially when faced with decisions like having salad for lunch or not going in for that 3pm chocolate bar.


How To Create A Fun & Colourful Ice Cream Themed Birthday Party

There's not much that gets me more excited than party planning. 

I so love a good party. Even more than that, I love to be the organiser of one. As a 33 year old it would be pretty ridiculous to plan annual birthday parties for me or hubby (we're lucky if we get a cheeky meal out if I'm honest). 

Having a child has brought out the inner party planning goddess in me and I think I'm going to be that mum that get's very excited about how we celebrate as each year rolls around.

This year's theme for Baby Girl's second birthday was ICE CREAM. Something that is very much a special treat in this house, and how much more special can you get than a birthday celebration?

This post is going to be photo heavy. I want to show you every little detail, how I created the look and where I got everything so you can re-create it to. I'll include as many links as I can at the bottom of this post. You're welcome :)


Admitting I'm Not The Supermum I Thought I Would Be

OK. It's time to talk (again). This has been something that has been on my mind for some time now and I haven't quite been sure how to put it into words, or what to do about it.


JORD Wood Watch Review: Welcome To The Watch Party

My name's Kat and I have a confession.

I love fashion. I do. I adore it. I love dreaming up outfits. I love looking at the best dressed list of the latest event, gushing over outfits, accessories, pieces. Shopping is my happy place, and that feeling of lugging a huge haul back home after a spree, trying on all my bits and having my own little fashion parade party in my bedroom, well, I can't even put that feeling in words.


As much as I love fashion, I'm a total follower. I'm far from a trendsetter. I always end up getting to the party, but I'm often late.

One such party I have been late to this time is the watch party. In fact, this party has been raging for some time. I told myself I didn't need a wrist watch, why should I? I have my phone practically glued to my hand, on call to tell me the precise time whenever I need it.


Mummy Tag

So last week I did something I haven't done in a good few months. I sat down in front of the camera and recorded some videos for my YouTube channel. I still feel like a deer in headlights when I set up the tripod and it's just me in my bedroom talking away - I probably look like one too LOL.

Even though I had planned 3 videos to record I wasn't really sure where to start so at the last minute I decided to warm up with something a little bit fun and throw in some facts about me. I looked up 'Mummy Tag' and found a list 20 questions all about being a Mum.