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*Closed* GIVEAWAY - Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Pendant & Little Bump Shop Bouquet

Today is the launch day of Little Bump Shop.

Sunday Mini Styles #10

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, because today is all about the launch of Little Bump Shop!I wrote a post this week about the journey to launch date and today I will be announcing a very exciting giveaway which includes a Little Bump Shop Bouquet AND a Tiffany & Co. pendant.

I thought it was only fitting that baby girl's outfit today is a special occasion type one.


My Other Baby...

Last week we celebrated baby girl's 9 month birthday.

What a milestone.

I have been a mummy for 18 months. 9 months where she grew protected in my womb and 9 months where I have practically wrapped her up in cotton wool and watched her grow into the gorgeous nearing toddler she is today. It's been a crazy ride, but it's truly been the best time in my life. I'm so proud of my baby girl.

I do need to let you in on something..... I have another baby.


Primark Baby Haul - 7 Items Under £25

I don't often visit Primark, the crowds, the queues, not being able to find your size, things thrown everywhere is enough to put me off however I do like their basics for myself and for such good prices I can put on my brave face and venture in. Yesterday I realised baby girl needed some plain body suits in the next size up. I normally buy these from Gap, however I'm trying to cut down on spending at the moment so I thought I might check out Primark. I quickly found what I was looking for. A 3 pack for £2.75, score!

But then I got sucked into the baby area and things kept jumping out at me and into my basket. Before I knew it I had 7 items. I justified each purchase and took them up to the till where I spent a grand total of £23.75 on everything, double score!


Potato & Spring Onion Pancake Recipe

The recipe I present to you today took lots of perfecting. I love potatoes and I love pancakes so I always knew these two would be a match made in heaven but it did take me many attempts to get the batter just right.


Sunday Mini Styles #9

Because it's party time so the tutu dress was a must...


A Mummy Day Out - Charlotte Street Hotel Afternoon Tea & Aqua Rooftop Bar

On Saturday I had a lady date.

A proper lady date with some of my girlies that I haven't been able to share a cocktail with in a really long time. I booked J in for daddy/ daughter bonding time and head off at 1pm, giving him advanced warning that he would probably be putting baby girl to bed.

I had been in such a rush getting myself ready and baby girl sorted that I forgot to bring a jacket. Thank goodness the sun was shining and I didn't need one! So off I went handbag in tow and heels on (that felt weird) to the overground and onto my journey into Central London.


Flour Tortilla Recipe


Sunday Mini Styles #8

Because baby girl has still been under the weather this week so the look we are going for is cuteness & comfort.....


Father's Day Gift Ideas

It will be J's first Father's Day this year. This makes my heart swell. He is such a good daddy and I'm looking forward to celebrating a whole day for him, and for baby girl and I to show our appreciation of everything he does for us.

We have a super busy month coming up so I thought I'd figure out what to get him well in advance to make sure I'm organised. I've surprised myself, organised is something I'm usually not when it comes to buying gifts. It must be the motherly traits coming out in me?

I'm An Expat Mummy - From Melbourne to London

I'm an Expat Mummy.

6 years ago, I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams that the above saying would relate to me. 

I was considering my life's direction. Where I was going in my career and where my next travel destination would be, when I came across a psychic who told me I was going to England. That's where I would meet the love of my life and she could see no path for me in Melbourne.

True story!

So the very next day I booked my ticket and started the plan of living in London for 6 months. That was in 2010.


Carrot & Coconut Bread Recipe - Healthy Baking

This week's recipe is a little bit different. The mix of ingredients are healthier options. It contains no butter, no refined flour and no refined sugar but at the same time it's still super tasty. My husband, J is my harshest critic and has no care for 'health' when it comes to baking and even he can't get enough of this. So it's good news, you can feel less guilty when you're devouring this tasty delight and not feel like you are missing out in any way.


Sunday Mini Styles #7

Because this week has been totally rainy so we've had fun with baby's first raincoat.....


Our Wedding In Tuscany, Italy (June 28th 2013)

Next month we will be celebrating our two year wedding anniversary. J proposed to me in Paris in June 2012 and exactly one year later we tied the knot.

Deciding where we were going to have our wedding with such big families that were worlds apart was difficult. Through lots of brainstorming and soul searching we came up with the perfect plan and 50 of our closest family and friends travelled from all parts of the world to join us for our wedding day in Tuscany, Italy.


Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Tart Recipe

I know I go on about time a lot but my goodness does it go too quickly. There's too many things to do in the day and not enough time.

It was nice to have a long weekend and for baby girl and I to spend 3 whole days together with J as a family. We were having so much fun I neglected my blog and before I knew it, it was Tuesday and I had no recipe to post. Sorry about that!


Recipe For Making Pastry With My KitchenAid

My husband J and I are not very good at buying each other Christmas presents. More times than not what is opened on Christmas morning is exchanged for a more appealing item. We are both guilty of it and I think it's because we are quite particular.

Sunday Mini Styles #6

Because Mummy couldn't decide between street and girly style so we decided to go with both...