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Some Order To The Blog

I can't believe I have nearly been blogging for a month now.

I didn't really know what to expect when I first started but I am having so much fun writing the blog posts and trying out my very amateurish photography skills and I'm so happy that some of you are actually reading. Thank you :)


Sunday Mini Styles #1

I've decided that I wanted to incorporate some frequent baby fashion into the blog so I got thinking and Sunday Mini Styles was born!

From now on, every Sunday I will post one of baby girl's outfits from the previous week. I love chosing her outfits and now I get to show them off to you all. Let me know what you think of what I put together.


What I Use On Baby Girl's Sensitive Skin

I've always had really sensitive skin and knew we would have to watch out for baby girl. Within her first week of being born the skin on her body was super dry, she was shedding skin like no tomorrow, she had broken out in baby acne, the skin on her face was really tough and she would get red blotches when we used products that didn't agree with her.  We had to be really careful with what we used on her.


Introducing Baby Girl To Solids - Courgette & Cheese Muffin Recipe

I am constantly on the hunt for lunchtime goodies for me and baby girl. We are progressing well with introducing her to solids (read about the start of our journey here) and whilst she still prefers puréed food, I try and give her some things that she can chew a little but that still melts in her mouth. I find savoury muffins always a winner. They're not only a favourite of baby girl's but I love them too.

I often make these courgette (or zucchini as us Aussies like to call them) and cheese muffins. The great thing about this recipe is that you can change up the vegetables and have some variety. I love my quick and easy meals and this is definitely one of them.


My Liebster Award And A Bit More About Me

I have been nominated for a Liebster award. Thank you Mummy On My Mind - you can check our her blog here :)

This is an award dedicated to up and coming bloggers who are building up their following and allowing us to get to know each other a little better whilst also sharing some blogging love.

Having only just set up my blog this month I was delighted to participate.  I've already come across some great new blogs that I look forward to continuing to follow.

The rules are as follows...

My Top 5: Fave Places Shop For Baby Girl

My name is Kat and I'm a shopaholic. For me, there's nothing better than spending the day shopping, coming home with my goods and admiring my haul. Or ordering online and receiving for that delivery. Shopping definitely takes me to my happy place.

Life before baby, I was big on shopping for myself. Keeping up with the latest clothing and shoe trends and sorting and resorting my wardrobe at the end of every season. These days most of my clothes are ruined. I am constantly covered in spit up, milk, food, saliva and anything else my baby wants to throw my way. I'm also still on the quest to lose my baby weight and my clothes are not fitting the way I would like them to. So my trusty Zara leggings and a baggy top fit for breastfeeding are pretty much my staples at the moment and I rarely deviate far from that leaving little to no opportunity to shop for myself.

My obsession with buying for myself has now been refocused to buying clothes for baby girl. Since I hit 30 weeks into my pregnancy I've spent many hours shopping for her. Baby clothes are everywhere and oh so adorable. I just love dressing her in cute outfits and finding the perfect accessories to match. She's such a doll.

 I thought I'd make a list of the top 5 places I like to shop for her. They made the list for their scrumptiousness, quality, range, variety and value.


Crustless Quiche Recipe

This week has been a very busy week which has meant dinners have been quick and easy. One of my favourite meals to make in a hurry is crustless quiche. It's a healthier option without the pastry. It is delicious and can be adapted to include any ingredients you have in your fridge at the time.


My First Mother's Day

With the craziness of the Christening and looking after a baby who is not very well, I absolutely forgot to make mention of a big milestone for me. My very first Mothers Day.

I feel so lucky to be the mother of such a precious girl and it was the perfect occasion to share a special day with her.  Baby girl spoilt me too!

K x

Me And Mini Me Outfits - Her Christening Day

Yesterday was baby girl's Christening. It was such a lovely day. We had a beautiful service at our local church, followed by lunch at our house with 35 of our closest family and friends. I still can't believe we were able to fit that many people in our house. Poor baby girl was not well at all. I think it must have been teething. She was not herself and slept in peoples arms for most of the day. She definitely got lots of TLC all day and is blessed to have so many special people in her life that helped her celebrate.

Here's what we both wore on her big day....


Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair Review

When baby girl hit 5 months I knew it was time to start thinking about a highchair. She was sitting up by herself really well and J and I hadn't had a decent meal together at home since the night before I went into labour. We had no where to put her when we were eating at our dining table other than our laps. If we tried to put her anywhere but where she felt like she was with us she wasn't happy. Dinner times with my husband consisted of us taking turns to eat while the other would hold baby girl. I'd always dreamed of dinner together as a family but this is not what I'd pictured!

Tackling my baby weight - one green smoothie at a time

I have to be honest. I had a little extra padding before I got pregnant. This equipped with the fact that I haven't lost my baby weight 6 months after giving birth makes me realise I need to take some serious action to rectify the situation. By serious action I don't mean the latest fad diet or days of hardcore exercise. Extreme doesn't work for me. Serious action means small healthy changes to my lifestyle that are simple and can be adapted into my every day routine.

I assumed that whilst breastfeeding I would be able to lose weight easily but instead all I've found is that I am always hungry and low in energy. Since I've been weaning and breastfeeding less I am feeling more myself so hopefully things are looking up. Along with consciously making an effort to eat healthy food, I've decided to set myself with two goals.

The Secret Mummy Society

The Secret Mummy Society. Ask me who they were a year ago and I would have not be able to tell you. Now, I am all over it.

Most non members really don't know the intricate goings on of the society. The members are everywhere. They are walking the streets with their buggies, driving around town in their SUV's, racing through the shops to pick up the next size clothes for their baby (I can't believe they outgrow them every 3 months). They're picking up their groceries for their evening meal, or at the pharmacy getting all their baby essentials. They're taking their babies to their latest baby class. They have their own online community where they connect in masses. Members lunch with the other members of the society. The last point, contrary to many partners beliefs, is not what we do all day - but a girls got to eat OK? - just in time to rush off to make sure bubs gets home in time for their afternoon nap and before they become a screaming monster.



My dear old friend. I haven't seen a good version of you for more than 6 months.

If you ask anyone who really knows me to make a list of things I love, sleep would definitely feature on it. Most likely towards the top of the page. In my past life I slept like a bear. Nothing could wake me. Every morning before work much to J's annoyance, I would have to snooze for an hour so I could really appreciate I was in bed sleeping. That hour of being mostly asleep but awake ever so slightly that I was aware I was resting in my comfy super king was bliss and the only way I could get up on the right side of the bed. It was also not uncommon for me to want to stay in bed until midday on the weekends or take a lovely afternoon nap.

'Enjoy your sleep' they said, 'make the most of it will you can before baby' they said. I thought surely this must be a scare tactic. There must be the term sleep like a baby for a reason? I sleep so instantly and so soundly that surely if things were ever so bad I could catch up on sleep whenever my baby was napping? Surely after the newborn stage of needing to be fed so often baby girl would be sleeping through the night within a few months? Well they were right, and sadly I was wrong.

Review: The Waffle House - St Albans

Today J decided that I needed a treat. He's getting good at this happy wife, happy life thing! He told me that he would take me and baby girl out for lunch and I could choose to go wherever we wanted. I was tempted to choose The Ritz in Mayfair ;) however I settled with a place that everyone's been raving about - The Waffle House -and thought that we could take a nice drive up to St Albans on this fresh spring day. So I skipped breakfast to make sure I had ample room for my feast and off we went.

I'm glad we went on a Friday because apparently on the weekends it's very common to have to queue and quite often the line goes out the door. Queues do not agree with me, a queue outside in the cold now that's a definite no no, so I was very pleased that when we arrived there was no one waiting for a table and we were seen to straight away.


Home Is Where The Heart Is?

They say that home is where the heart is. Well MY heart is torn between two places very far away from each other. You see, I'm an Aussie living in London. Up until the age of 26 I was quite content and settled with my life in Melbourne where I had been all my life. Then suddenly over night something in me changed. I had desire for change and a travel bug that I couldn't shake so I decided to book a one way ticket to London. And that was it.

I had never even visited London before but something was pulling me there. I would only stay for 6 months I told myself and everyone else. It would be a opportunity to work abroad and explore Europe. I would travel for 8 weeks with my best friend and then would experience living in this brand new city all by myself.

My whole family are very close and came to say farewell to me at the airport. Whilst I was happily hugging everyone and saying 'see you in 6 months', my mum was crying inconsolably. Quite the dramatic and emotional mother she is I didn't think too much of it, however I later learnt that something in her knew I wasn't coming back in 6 months and that it was likely that I wouldn't be coming back to live at all. Mothers intuition I guess.


6 months on, exclusively breastfeeding to weaning

I am coming to the end of my breast feeding journey. I have lasted 6 months which has not been easy let me tell you. When I was pregnant and doing all my research on 'How to be a Mummy'. I decided that I was going to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. It was what the NHS recommended and what I felt was the best option. What I wasn't prepared for was how hard it would be.

I had no idea that there was a chance my milk wouldn't come in straight away and I would have to top baby girl up with formula for the first 5 days of her life, or that when my milk did come in - there would be so much of it I would be engorged and have to battle with mastitis 3 times, or that if I wanted to express so my husband J could give baby girl a bottle I would battle to find time in my busy day to be able to do so, and even after 40 minutes of blood, sweat and tears I would have pupped a mere 20 mls not even enough for half a feed, or the aches and pains, or even that baby girl would point blank refuse the bottle and want to feed off me every two hours making it impossible for her to leave my side (Most times I did secretly love this). Yep, nobody told me and I certainly didn't come across any of that during my research.


You could say I have a lot on my plate..... I'm a very lucky my mummy of one, with a beautiful 6 month old baby girl and I'm trying to juggle home life, work life, keeping my baby happy and healthy and trying to stay happy, healthy and sane myself. Oh and did I mention my biggest passion is travel? Yep I've put that one on the back burner for the last year and a half but the fire deep within my belly is very much alight and I have the strongest desire to show my baby girl the world. I may be crazy for adding a blog as another one of my commitments but secretly, I love to be busy and a little bit of pressure is what keeps me going. This is my way of documenting and sharing my ideas, thoughts and life in general..... Enjoy! K x