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How To Create Your Very Own Ballet Themed Party For Your Ballerina

On August 21st my biggest baby turned four years old. Then just three weeks after that she started big school. I honestly can't believe that I'm now a school mum! Life has been hectic settling into our new routine but we are managing.

We're all feeling a bit more settled now and the first thing I wanted to do having some more time on my hands is to share all the details of her fourth birthday party. I hired a room in our local area and started with a blank canvas with one goal in mind - to create her the best birthday party yet. That could only mean one thing. Her very favourite thing right now - a ballet theme.


Kidzania London For Kids Under Four And A Very Special Leap Start 3D Launch

You guys all know that I live on Instagram and that's where you'll hear everything first - including all about our awesome day at Kidzania earlier this month.


A Letter To My 6 Month Old Baby Bear...

I record all kinds of things on this blog from travel to food to fashion and lots in between. But these, these types of posts are the most precious. Because today we live in a world where we can leave more of a footprint than ever before. And when my days are done, my children and my children’s children will have a window into my thoughts and feelings during a moment in time. I think that's pretty special...

To my second born daughter,

You are 6 months old. It’s crazy to imagine that you have only been around for 6 months but it’s also so obvious that this is how it was always meant to be.


A Treehouse Glamping Staycation - North Hill Farm (Owl's Lookout)

If you're here for the travel, I'm sorry! This blog has been very short of any travel related content recently. My obsession with dreaming of, researching and booking holidays that chase the sun has been over taken by my other priorities. However, the house renovations are pretty much completed now and Baby Bear has just turned six months old so I'm finding I have some  time on my hands again these days.

So if you are here for the travel, by the end of the year you will have some content on Croatia (new destination), Singapore and Australia (you like what you like right?). Plus I'm already dreaming about what I'm going to book next - New York? Woohoo!

In the mean time, in the first half of this year we've taken advantage of some staycations close to London. There was one particular glamping experience that I shared on Instagram and so many of you were asking me about it, so here's some more about our lovely stay at the Owl's Lookout at North Hill Farm.


Baby Bear's Birth Story Part 2 - Planned Cesarean after EMCS

This is the story of the day I had my planned cesarean with my second daughter Baby Bear. There's a part one to read with how we got to this point if you fancy catching up.


Birth Story - Part 1: The Birth Plan After An Emergecy Ceasarean

The first time I said the words "my children" caught me by surprise. What an amazing thing to be able to say....

You see, my Baby Girl made me a mother in 2014 and that was the happiest day of my life. Fast forward 3 years and I have been blessed again with another princess. I shall call her Baby Bear. And all of a sudden I have "children".

How could I have ever imagine that back In 2009 when I made an impulse decision to book a one way ticket from Melbourne, Australia to London would bring me to the 29th January 2018? The day that my Baby Bear made me a mother of children. The greatest gift I could ever ask for.