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Winner - Little Bump Shop and Tiffany & Co. Pendant Giveaway

Congratulations Natalie C on being the lucky winner of my Little Bump Shop giveaway.


What I Got For My Birthday

On Saturday I celebrated my 32nd birthday. I'm in age denial, even typing that felt rather odd.

I feel so grateful for what I have, and I look at my life at 32 years old and I am just where I would have wanted to be and much more. It's probably my contentment that makes being another year older a bit harder to swallow.
Let's not hurry up this ageing process.
Lets be present now, enjoy now and soak up every minute with younger looking skin, brown hair and youthful *cough cough* energy.

This year was the first year I can remember that I haven't marked my birthday with some kind of event. This year, I wanted to treat my birthday like any other day and just enjoy a day at home, my first one as a mummy, with the two people who are the centre of my universe. My baby girl and my husband. I had the perfect day and even though we didn't do anything fancy and ordered Dominos for lunch (after being on a strict diet and declaring my birthday as a cheat day this was the perfect birthday feast), it was my first birthday as mummy and I couldn't have asked for anything more.


Quick Lunch Time Recipes - Great For Baby Led Weaning

Wow. Last weeks baked pancake bites recipe was a HIT! I'm so glad you all liked it. I loved seeing all the pics you sent me with your own creations and I got some great inspiration for future toppings to use.

This week, I wanted to take the time this week to feature some of my older recipes that are also very simple and have helped me on my weaning journey - Just in case you missed them! I like to spend a lot of time planning what baby girl eats which often means I don't have time to think about myself so recipes that we can both enjoy are a winner.


Sunday Mini Styles #13

Because we are getting ready for our summer holiday so we have been trying out cute holiday outfits...


Baby Girl Doesn't Like Lullabies

I should have expected that my baby girl would have an eclectic music taste. Her Daddy and I are both singers and enjoy music way before our own era. Mostly of the soul, funk and disco genre and we listened to lots of this when I was pregnant.

When baby girl was a newborn she used to fight sleep a lot and would take some time to settle. Until we learnt the magic trick. We would put some of our favourite songs on, give her a bit of a rock and she would be out like a light, normally before the end of the song - sometimes within the first 30 seconds if we were really lucky.


Have you entered my very special GIVEAWAY?

The giveaway closes on Sunday so I just wanted to pop in and remind you, if you haven't entered - make sure you do!


Baked Pancake Bites Recipe

If you are a regular reader of my recipes you will know that I love simple baking. This recipe is no exception. It actually ticks three very big boxes for me.
  1. Its quick and easy.
  2. You can have some fun an be creative with it, which is also great when you're baking with kids.
  3. It has no sugar in it so I am able to share the healthier ones with my baby girl who I am keeping free of refined sugar during the weaning process.


Sunday Mini Styles #12

Because the days have been so bright so we're going with the colour yellow to be matchy matchy.


What's In My Picnic Basket? (Feeding 3 Adults & A Baby)

The sun has been shining, the days have been warm and me and baby girl have spent a lot of time in our local park. I've been so looking forward to this time of year and I'm so happy summer is pretty much here.

Last weekend a small group of us decided to have a picnic. It was such a nice day. We lay down a picnic blanket, grazed, played with baby girl and lay in the sun all afternoon.

I was responsible for the picnic basket and by Saturday evening I realised I hadn't arranged anything so I decided to rummage through my fridge and cupboards and put some bits together, have a quick baking session to make some mini quiches and write a small list of things to purchase from Sainsbury's. We had a feast and all enjoyed it so I thought I would do a post on what's in my picnic basket just in case  you are looking for some inspiration this summer.


Butternut Squash & Asparagus Mini Quiche Recipe

I'm loving that summer is pretty much upon us. This means summer fashion, getting some colour, having lots of fun outside and summer recipes. I love a good mini quiche in the summer. It can be served cold with salad and you can have fun with lots of summer flavours.


Sunday Mini Styles #11

I am loving this weather! I mean sure, we did have patches of rain throughout the week and one day where the downpour rarely stopped. However all is forgiven for the heat we have had and that the glorious sun has been out in all it's glory on many occasions.

The outfit that I feature this week has been a favourite of mine. I think shorty dungarees are so cute. During winter I teamed them with tights and long sleeve vests. This week was the first time I dressed baby girl in them without tights. She's probably only got a few more wears out of them as they are 6-9 month size and getting a bit tight so I just had to feature them this week. I make sure I include all of our faves because I hope that when baby girl gets older she will be able to look back at what I used to dress her in. And hopefully she will like what she wore!


Cookie In A Jar Recipe - Oat & Chocolate Chip

You know that feeling when you've invited guests around at the last minute and whilst you are madly running around the house tidying and bringing some order to it you realise you have nothing in your kitchen cupboards to offer them?

Well panic no more.

You just need cookie in a jar in your life!

Not only are these a super convenient item to keep in your pantry, they also make a really thoughtful gift and they also look fabulous.