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Dealing With A Fussy Eater & 7 Toddler Meal Ideas #MINISMEALS

We've all been there before I'm sure.

You have nothing but good intentions to feed your child a healthy, wholesome, homemade meal. You try with everything in you to put something together you are sure they will eat. Perhaps you will spend hours in the kitchen preparing said meal. You might even make enough that you can batch freeze. With all this careful preparation, you must be winning at this feeding your toddler business.

And then it comes time to sit down and eat. Your toddler looks at what you've put in front of them with a screwed up nose. They refuse to let any of the meal touch their mouth. They cry. They throw the food on the floor. They take a bite and then spit it out. There is no getting them to eat their meal.

You feel like a failure and you are most definitely not winning any toddler feeding awards. It sounds like such a funny thing to say but it can really be soul destroying, especially if it happens at the end of a particularly stressful day.

I've had this scenario, more days than I could count. It's been a year since introducing solids and at the start Baby Girl ate everything. At 6 months old I was calling her a foodie and felt blessed that she would appreciate whatever I put in front of her. A few months down the line and she was the most fussy eater I knew. I never know day to day what she will eat, because one day she will eat something and the next day she won't.

The health visitor told us not to worry. She would consume what she needed and if she doesn't want dinner one night just leave her and she will make up for it the next day. Guess what? The health visitor wasn't there at 3am when Baby Girl woke up screaming in hunger. Starving her wasn't an option for us.

Over time, we have learnt a number of things that have worked for us. I'll put in a disclaimer right here that sometimes still, no matter what we try she will still flat out refuse her meals, but here are some successful ways that have encouraged her to eat:


Sunday Mini Styles #42 - Lagos Nigeria Special Edition

Hello from Lagos, Nigeria!

I know this is technically a day late being Monday, but what's a day amongst friends with an Easter long weekend thrown in? I was nearly going to skip this week but then this morning I realised how beautiful the door leading onto our balcony is and I just had to take some outfit shots of Baby Girl in front of it. Through these mini style posts alone I have taken you guys along to Greece, Australia and Singapore so I couldn't miss out on our African adventures.

Our trip so far has been incredible and the finer details are worthy of it's very own blog post when we get back. It's been amazing exploring a country in a continent that is brand new to me in one sense but familiar in another as I have a grandfather who's homeland is Nigeria.

The weather is hot so there has been lots of summer styles however mosquitos here in the evening can be bad so we try and cover up as much as possible. Here's the outfit Baby Girl is rocking today.


A Peek Into My Home: Kitchen Tour

I've been excited about showing you my kitchen, ever since I started this home series. I love every room in my home but this is the one that I'm most proud of. I'm proud of it because it is exactly how we wanted it. We chose every single little detail. How big the room is. How high the ceilings are. The exact look and layout of the kitchen. The appliances installed. Even down to exactly where each plug socket is.

Recipe: Fruity Pancake Bites

My number one blog post with the most views ever is my baked pancake bites recipe by far. It's personally one of my favourite recipes and I'm so glad you guys like it too. I love it because it's so versatile. It was great for me during the very early weaning stages and it's still great for Baby Girl. My niece and nephew who are older kids love them too and so do I!

This one's a recipe that aims to please everyone and as it's so adaptable, unless you don't like pancakes (said no one EVER!), then there's a variation of these that you will love - use your imagination and create your very own pancake explosion in your mouth that you'll love.

My original recipe calls for no sugar as it was originally developed for Baby Girl when she just started out weaning, although some of you have told me you fancied a sweetness kick so added some. I love the idea of adding natural sugars with different fruits so I thought I would revisit this blog post and show you some filling ideas with nothing else but fruit. I think I'm on to a winner with the combination I'm about to show you!


Sunday Mini Styles #41

Today's outfit is made up of some super cute items but to be totally honest with you, it's ALL about the hat. This bad boy is absolutely the feature of today. Let me get straight into showing it off.


Weekly Grocery Haul & Meal Plan (Sainsbury's) #2

Today, I'm coming back at you with another grocery haul. I really wanted to capture this on video but by the time I wanted to shoot it the lighting was terrible. I've had to brighten these pics right up! Next one will definitely be a video haul. Make sure you sign up to my brand new YouTube channel if you're interested in seeing that :)

This is actually our shop from a few weeks ago. It was a pretty small shop that week. We had a lot of weekend plans so I was only planning Mon - Fri dinners. We're weren't going to be home for lunches too often also so was just planning on leftovers and sandwiches when we were. I had a load of things in the freezer like frozen vegetables and salmon. I had also done a fruit shop prior to this. Next time I'll show you what a full shop looks like for us, but for the mean time - here's this one:


Sunday Mini Styles #40

Today's outfit is a mixture of Australian and UK high street labels. I do love boutiques and little online shops but I like the convenience of high street brands, and the old schooler in me loves to look, touch and try things first. The excitement of bringing bags of goodies home with me is just as exciting as receiving online deliveries. Am I the only one that feels this way? I do prefer to have individual pieces and like that a lot of the shops I purchase bits from for Baby Girl move their stock quickly so a lot of her wardrobe is still quite individual to her.


A Day With: Hi Baby

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.
Today's guest is Hannah from Hi Baby. From Belfast, Hannah is a mum of a gorgeous 10 month old princess. I often browse through Hannah's Instagram feed and think she just looks like such a fun person. This also comes through over on her blog with posts coveringmummy stuff, weaning, baby fashion, wish lists, life in general and more - go check it out!
Hannah's day took me right back to being mum to a baby under one. Life with a youngster moves so fast and you easily forget. Hannah sure does keep herself busy and manages to fit loads in her day. I can totally relate with the 4pm mad dash to get the house in order, dinner cooked and somehow keeping baby entertained all at the same time. We still have that every day. Any one else?

Review: Scandal Water Sessions - Punch Room At The London Edition

If you've been here before, you will have come to know that I like to spend my rare days of being toddler free with my ladies in Central London and checking out different venues. My favourite thing to do is brunch or afternoon tea. Good food, beverages and girly catch ups makes for a great lady date and presses my mummy reset button. Over the last 6 months I've written some reviews on some fabulous venues I've visited.

You know when you just have a dining experience that is just so out of this world, you can't stop thinking about it, talking about it, dreaming of it and you just want to shout from the rooftops how amazing it is? Well recently I was offered the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon at The Punch Room in The London EDITION and I'm thrilled to be able to share my experience with you.


Fruitless Hot Cross Buns Recipe


GIVEAWAY! (Closed) Baby Brain Apparel, Little Bump Shop and Mamas & Papas

Happy Mother's Day! Today is my second ever Mother's Day and I'm so excited to spend the day with my beautiful daughter. She is such a blessing and I am one lucky Mummy.

To celebrate my blog turning one and to recognise this day I'm so pleased to announce this very special giveaway. What I'm more excited about is that I'm joining up with my fabulous blogger friend Harps from Baby Brain Memoirs to run this and we are both giving away items from our little mummy run businesses.


Lights, Camera... Hello YouTube!

When I first started this blog I swore myself to anonymity. No sharing my name, no selfies and 100% never any videos. I don't even know why I was so adamant. I guess I felt a bit daunted sharing so much of myself online that I wanted to protect myself by holding a little back.

Then over time I got more relaxed and I wanted to share more. I even wrote a coming out post and that was a bit of a turning point for me. I felt that after that I could completely express myself through my blog and I was able to start making genuine connections by putting myself out there some more.


Happy First Blogiversary To Me


Cheesy Carrot Dip Recipe

Last week I shared my favourite pita crisps recipe. This week, I want to share the dip that went with it.

One of my favourite snacks is a good dip and some form of dippers - whether it be crisps, biscuits, vegetable sticks, bread. You name it - I'll love it. I would easily have it as a meal itself. The perfection of a snack like this comes down to the dip. Since arriving in the UK I have been pretty disappointed with ready made dips you find in the supermarkets. With the exception of humus and tzatziki, which I adore most of the dips have a heavy mayonnaise base, which I very much dislike. So I've taken to making my own dips, that way I can include all my favourite components.

This cheesy carrot dip is great because, who doesn't love cream cheese? Also it has a decent serving of veggies mixed in so  its great to give this to Baby Girl as a snack. At 18 months old she is perfecting the notion of dip dip. It keeps it fun for her meaning she is more likely to eat it. She's fussy on the best of days!