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Preparing For Christmas

It doesn't feel like that long ago when I was writing about spending Christmas 2015 in Australia with my parents and siblings.

And just like that another year has passed. As a family we've had one of those years that whilst it doesn't feel like much has changed, when you actually think about it so much has in regards to every aspect of our lives. 

I come into this Christmas so excited that for the first time Baby Girl is so very aware of this time of year and her anticipation for it is infectious. I am definitely one for Christmas traditions and for the longest time of having to share many years away from my immediate family and all the special little things that we would do around this time of year, I can create them with my own little tribe.

Christmas decor, tree assembly, Christmas carols, church, family, friends, laughter, baking, cooking, eating, drinking, games, giving. These are all traditions that we are going to incorporate into our very own family celebrations and I'm so very blessed to be able to have my little family of three to be able to share these moments with.

Here's how we've been preparing so far.

Christmas tree has gone up. I ditched the red and gold decorations we have used for many years prior and picked up a collection of natural, wood, white and silver decorations to match our house decor. 

Here's some of my faves:

A gorgeous decoration that we picked up at a Christmas market during our trip to Florence last weekend (more on that soon).

I've purchased Baby Girl her very first advent calendar and I'm surprised that she understands that she's only able to open one window a day. I've been really impressed with this WOW toy calendar and Baby Girl is well on her way to building a little town.

We now constantly have Christmas music filling the house. If I forget to put it on, Baby Girl will remind me. Her favourite song is Jingle Bells.

Candles always. 

Something about Christmas screams candles and they are another constant in our house. I was lucky enough to be sent this gorgeous 3 wick Kartel candle from Amara Living. They are a home living online store that I always lust after and they have a to die for home scents section. I picked this one from the fresh category which is totally me and this baby will see us through the whole season. They have so much more than candles and if you still have some Christmas shopping to do you should definitely head over for some inspiration.

On the weekend the Christmas baking will commence. I'm entering a work Christmas bake off and I beleive there is some stiff competition so I will have to put on my fierce chef hat and make something amazing. I will have the assistance of a little helper. She's watched me bake all her life and it's rubbed off on her. She loves it! I may also post a cheeky recipe if I'm really organised - it's been a long time since I've done that!

I've nearly finished the Christmas shopping, there's just a few more bits to get. It's almost time for a mammoth present wrapping session.

And so today marks the 9th of December. That's 16 more days to enjoy this wonderful time of the year and I'm going to make sure me and my tribe enjoy each and every one.

I would love to hear about your traditions and what you've been up to?

Kat x

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