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A Treehouse Glamping Staycation - North Hill Farm (Owl's Lookout)

If you're here for the travel, I'm sorry! This blog has been very short of any travel related content recently. My obsession with dreaming of, researching and booking holidays that chase the sun has been over taken by my other priorities. However, the house renovations are pretty much completed now and Baby Bear has just turned six months old so I'm finding I have some  time on my hands again these days.

So if you are here for the travel, by the end of the year you will have some content on Croatia (new destination), Singapore and Australia (you like what you like right?). Plus I'm already dreaming about what I'm going to book next - New York? Woohoo!

In the mean time, in the first half of this year we've taken advantage of some staycations close to London. There was one particular glamping experience that I shared on Instagram and so many of you were asking me about it, so here's some more about our lovely stay at the Owl's Lookout at North Hill Farm.

North Hill Farm is in Chorleywood which is just outside the M25. It's one of those places that is so close to London, yet you feel so far away. It escapes you from the hustle and bustle and takes you to the country where the air is clean (and quiet), you're surrounded by trees and you feel instantly calmed.

My mum had been visiting the UK from Australia to help me out with the kiddies and I wanted to treat her and change the scenery for her and book a little break for us all. I'm anything but a camper, and even the thought of glamping made me nervous in the past. However in the interest of trying something different when I came across the Owl's Lookout, I knew I just had to try it.

The Owl's lookout is a recent addition to the North Hill Farm family and they built it because of the demand for treehouse glamping. It sits amongst the trees and has 4 sections leading off a main light filled centre. In the 4 sections there are two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchenette/ dining area.

In the middle hub there's a spiral staircase that leads down to an awesome enclosed outdoor area featuring a hot bath and a sauna. 

The wonderful thing about the hot bath is that you need to make your own fire outside to heat it up. You get all the bits you need to get it started and keep it going and this is what makes the bath hot. It gave us a real sense of camping but with all the luxuries we could want. There is also a fire pit and a BBQ in the outside area.

When the sun set the bath was ready. Sadly, Baby Bear was being a bit needy so I didn't get to go in but my mum and Baby Girl loved it.

Night time was a real treat. I shared bedroom #1 that had a double bed with my littlest princess and my mum and my biggest princess shared bedroom #2 that had three singles.

We had all the comforts of cozy beds, duvets and air heaters but felt like we were sleeping outside. Waking up for a night feed and watching the sun rise was a real treat.

The other fun feature in this unique treehouse is the slide that goes all the way from the inside centre of the Owl's lookout and through to the the outside BBQ area. They really thought of everything when they worked on the design for this one!

The Owl's lookout is just one of many unique glamping experiences at North Hill Farm. The farm itself is set in peaceful country side surroundings. They offer B&B, camping,  glamping and treehouse accommodation. We chose to stay in and enjoy our accommodation but if getting out an exploring is your thing, there are some gorgeous walks to be done. They even loan out bikes and offer disc golf activities.

This trip was absolutely one for the forever memory bank. Baby Girl still asks me regularly when we're going back and I think that one day again we just might have to find time to.

North Hill Farm
North Hill

Kat x

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