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DIY: How To Make Your Own Melting Ice Cream Cone Cake

It's Wednesday and I'm only just getting over the weekend birthday celebrations. Baby Girl turned 2!

I've had so many messages from you all asking about how I created her special melting ice cream cone birthday cake so I thought I would put together a post explaining how I did it and how you can make your very own.


1 x tall layer cake iced covered in buttercream icing (bake this yourself or buy one to save time)
3 x cupcakes (bake these yourself or buy them pre made)
200g buttercream icing (again to save time I used Betty Crocker pre made vanilla icing)
1 x packet confetti sprinkles
1 x packet small round rainbow sprinkles
1 x squeeze bottle (to create the melting effect)
1 x portion white chocolate ganache (recipe below)
1 x waffle ice cream cone
1 x vibrant gel food dye (colour of your choice)
1 x glass for the waffle cone to sit in
Utensils to assist in the icing process - I used a smooth butter knife and teaspoon


  • 200g white chocolate
  • 240ml thick cream
  • Vibrant gel food colouring (colour of your choice)

Cooking Directions
  1. In a saucepan heat until the cream is just boiling and then take off heat
  2. Add white chocolate to the warm cream mixture and stir until smooth
  3. Add food colouring to the mixture, go bold!
  4. Allow mixture to completely cool and pop it in a squeeze bottle
  5. Don't be afraid to leave it in the fridge for a good few hours - I found it was too runny to work with until I did this

  1. Make your white chocolate ganache icing using the above recipe, before pouring the ganache into the squeezy bottle and popping in the fridge, dip the tip of your ice cream cone straight in the cooled ganache mixture
  2. Cover the top of your waffle cone with small round rainbow coloured sprinkles, the ganache will set and these will stick. Place the cone in a glass and allow to sit.
  3. To make the ice cream ball that will go on top of your cake take your three cupcakes. If they are iced or decorated take the top off as you will just need the cake. 
  4. Crumble all three cupcakes in a bowl and add three tablespoons (give or take) of buttercream icing. Mix together with your hands until mouldable. Mould a semi circle on to baking paper (don't worry this will still be quite crumbly until it sets) and pop into the fridge for 10 minutes to allow to set. 
  5. Once your ice cream/ cupcake ball is set coat it with a layer of buttercream icing so it's smooth and blends into the cake when adding the ganache.
  6. Take your cake, the taller the better for this style. Make sure it's stable. I mentioned earlier in this post that I pre brought mine to save time. I chose the colour red velvet and there was 4 layers. I asked for it to be iced with a pastel purple because I think the subtlety of a pastel colour under a vibrant ganache is a great effect.
  7. Add some confetti sprinkles to the bottom of your cake. You'll add to this later but it's good to have a nice base because if the ganache falls all the way to the base of the cake it looks great through the base of the sprinkles.
  8. Here comes the fun part. Prepare everything you need on a clear surface including the cake, cone, ganache in a squeeze bottle, sprinkles and spreading tools.
  9. Start by squeezing your ganache on top of the ice cream ball and let it drip down. You can assist the process by using the back of a teaspoon to smooth around the cake. Once the top is covered use the bottle to create drips all around the side of the cake. Stick your cone right on the side of your ice cream ball and add more confetti sprinkles all around the top of the cake and ice cream ball and more at the base if it needs it. [HINT -Don't panic if your ganache still isn't thick enough after you've started this process. Just pop the bottle back in the fridge (even leave it over night if you need to) and add to your creation when thicker, it will add to the effect.]

  10. Allow the ganache to set. This is an awkwardly shaped cake and I found the best way to store it was to put the base in a cake box and protect the top with foil making sure it wasn't touching the cake.
  11. Find a beautiful cake plate to display it on and enjoy your guests surprise when you boast that you were the one to decorate this beauty.

As you can see, this cake was part of a wider plan for an ice cream themed party. Check back next week for a post on how I created the whole day.

I get so so excited at the thought of planning a little celebration like this, even if it's just a small family occasion. Call me OTT but Baby Girl absolutely loved it and that's the main thing.

I would love to hear your ideas on themes for kids birthdays? After all I have a year to plan birthday number 3 and we all know how fast a year can pass by LOL!

Kat x

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