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Mini's Wardrobe #4 (Some January Sales Finds)

We are two thirds of the way through January already and it's already flying before my eyes.

This is the funny time of year when we are though Christmas and the buzz of coming into a new year but we are still faced with frosty mornings, short dark days and coldness. I've kept myself excited through January with lots of fab deliveries of things that I scored in the January sales.

Today's toddler outfit features some bits that I found in the sales that I absolutely love. Both have become a wardrobe staple from the very minute I opened our happy post.

This lovely black duffle coat is both a zip up and has the lovely duffle buttons with a cozy black and white checked lining. This is a size 3-4 and will see us through next winter.

The camera was actually a christmas gift which baby girl loves. I searched high and low online for something just like it and eventually found one on Etsy through a seller called Craffox Kids.

I feel like my love of taking photos is definitely rubbing off on Baby Girl. She's at that age where she just soaks everything up and wants to copy every little thing I do and say.

The cute little acid wash jeans are a Primark find I purchased a few seasons ago. They are a super comfy fit and great to keep her warm during colder days. I find that a lot of her leggings are just not thick enough.

The boots are fabulous! They are so comfy and the fluff wraps around her little legs from her ankles to her knees and keeps them toasty. I love the little faces on the front. Cuteness overload.

Gap booties   |   Primark jeans  |   Gap duffle coat   |   Craffox wooden toy camera  

January is definitely the time to grab some winter bargains. There's still a few months of coldness ahead and if you get the next size up, which I always do for big things like coats, they'll see you through to next winter.

With all the discounts and free delivery I ended up getting the boots AND coat for £32 which I thought was a steal for Gap quality.

The coat is now sold out at Gap and there's only a few sizes of the boots left but if you're totes in love with this look, I've done some searching and found some similar bits.


Duffle coat in navy, pink or red   |   JoJo Maman Bebe  |  £39.00
Cozy bear booties   |   GAP   |   £20.99
Acid wash toddler jeans   |   River Island   |   £12.00
Wooden toy camera   |   Craffox Kids  |   £24.93

Have you been stocking up on toddler bits through the sales? I'd love to know where you've found some steals.

Kat x

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  1. What a fab coat and ADORABLE pair of boots! What great sale finds. She really suits them. Such a little cutie. I do the same in January - I keep myself happy with lots of little sale packages haha. Thanks for linking up with #weekendtotstyle lovey and hope you've had a good weekend :) x

  2. Oh my god, that black duffle coat is adorable! Good idea to get the bigger size, it will last! x

  3. The boots are so adorable and the camera is brilliant. I have brought a few bits in the next sale but really haven't brought much this year! xx

  4. I literally love everything about this outfit!! Those boots are absolutely adorable and I really love the checked detail in her coat hood, plus she is such a gorgeous little model! Thank you for sharing with #weekendtotstyle x


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