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Press Play: A Mummy Day Off (Camden, London)

Here's a post I've been planning to share for some time but haven't because A. I've been hesitant and b. My blog schedule was terrible late last year.

I wanted to talk about a vlog I shared on my YouTube channel at the end of November. I've been slowly getting used to sitting in front of the camera at home and talking to you all but on this particular day something inside me gave me the drive to pick up my camera and take you with me on my mummy free day out.

My hesitation to share this comes for so many reasons. Reasons that when I vocalise them sound silly. Are my editing skills good enough? Is it actually interesting enough for you to spend 10 minutes of your day watching? My skin was terrible on this day. My camera angles make me look terrible. My voice is annoying. I'm not confident enough vlogging in public yet and it shows....

But you know what I realised?  This is me - flaws and all.

And this is what I chose to share.

And I always said to myself that I wanted to share my authentic self and not an edited version of me.

Yes, my videos still need loads of work but this is my journey and you have to start somewhere right?

So now that I've got past this hesitation and I'm working at getting my blogging schedule back into action. Here is a snap shot of one cold day back in November last year when this mama left her baby at home and went to catch up with her friends in Camden for a nice day out.

Press play:

To see the minute I got out of bed....

To me doing my make up....

Heading into town....

Mooching around Camden Market....

Brunch at Greenberry Cafe....

Mulled wine at Edinboro Castle, my old local....

And some funny outtakes at the end.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see (or not see) on my channel.

I hope it is worth 10 minutes of your day :)

Kat x

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