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Kidzania London For Kids Under Four And A Very Special Leap Start 3D Launch

You guys all know that I live on Instagram and that's where you'll hear everything first - including all about our awesome day at Kidzania earlier this month.

I shared some stories on the day - the funniest being a video of Baby Girl showing her moves on the dance floor. The way that girl wiggles her hips is hilarious. It's just as well she's enrolled in multiple dance classes - it's definitely her 'thing' right now. Dance Mum of the year over here! I digress...

LeapStart 3D

We were there for the launch of the LeapStart 3D which is an Interactive Learning System aimed at children aged 2-7. We started our day by the LeapStart 3D station just outside the Kidzania University where Baby Girl and her cousin played around with the console.

The lovely team took the time to show them the ropes and they both loved it. There was loads of the same things I've been teaching Baby Girl at home to be ready for school in September - and it seems a lot more fun in game form! We're going to spend some time at home playing around with it over the next few weeks before Baby Girl's first day of big school - so pop back soon for a more detailed review if you want to know more.


After the event, the kiddies got free rein to do whatever they liked in Kidzania. Ever since I heard about the concept of Kidzania I wanted to take Baby Girl. She keeps herself entertained through role play all day long so I knew this kind of thing would be right up her street. I'm going to give the details on my thoughts about Kidzania for kids under four years old but if you're not familiar with the Kidzania concept check out their website for some context - it's most suitable for kids four and above.

Baby Girl started off by meeting the Head of the University, all decked out in her graduation gear and ready to hit the town. Even though Kidzania is primarily aimed at children aged 4 and over, I found loads of activities to keep Baby Girl and Miss Two entertained for our 4 hour slot. There is even more that we could have done but didn't get to because we also had two milk monster babies with us slowing down the fun.

The first activity was K-Mart. The older kids (4 and above) get to 'work' in the supermarket, and the younger kids get to cruise around it. They need to fill their trollies and take it to the check out to pay. They get issued a receipt and everything. Both girls loved this activity.

It was all fun and games until it came to the end and they were both asked to pack their shopping away again. Miss Two genuinely believed she had brought her groceries and was devastated when she wasn't allowed to take it with her. "Don't take my chicken awayyyyy...". It was so funny!

We grabbed lunch from The Fire House which served pizza, hot dogs, burgers and sides. There's also  a crepe shop, a coffee shop that sells drinks, cakes, snacks and sandwiches and a Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I wish there were some healthier choices but the burgers we had hit the spot.

After lunch we took the girls to the Face Painting Studio where they got a full face paint included as part of their ticket. They both wanted to be butterflies but there was books and books of options for them to choose from.

We then went upstairs where they took part in the Baby Disco - as I mentioned Baby Girl was in her element. It lasted 15 minutes and they all took part in a giant Just Dance game where they rocked out to Disney songs - the favourite was Moana.

There's quite a few things upstairs to keep the little ones entertained. There was a 'Kindergarten' that we didn't go into - it's a room full of toys and activities to keep toddlers entertained but seemed a bit too young for Baby Girl. She had a blast in the RightZKeeper's Residence which is like a mini house kitted out with a kitchen/ dinner, bathroom, bedroom (with giant soft play like beds), and a chill out area with sleeping bags and iPads.

Baby Girl absolutely loved the kitchen. She spent ages organising it when she walked in and everything was everywhere. After she cleared up, she kept taking my order and making me special meals. She has two kitchens at home, one inside and one outside mud kitchen and between them both she probably spends 70% of her time playing using them. So a giant kitchen like this is what her dreams were made of. We spent quite a bit of time at the end of our day in this space and it was nice because Miss Two was tired and needed some resting time in the chill out area just across from the kitchen.

Between feeding kids and babies, changing nappies, toilet breaks, going from each activity, waiting time and play time, our four hour slot was over very quickly. Time always flies when you're managing the needs of little ones right? The girls both had so much fun and it was so nice to be able to do something different with them.

The activities for under fours that we didn't get to see were:
Science Lab
Being a British Airways Passenger
Viewing the TV Studio
City Bus Tour

My verdict on Kidzania for the Under Fours?

If you're heading to Kidzania with children under four just make sure you're aware there's lots of activities they won't be able to do, and judge whether or not you think your child will enjoy the bits and pieces they can do. Personally for us, Baby Girl and Miss Two loved the whole day and really enjoyed everything they got to do.
If you're going with multiple children and you need to supervise them all then I would recommend them all being under 4 as a group, or the other way around. For example, if you take a 3 year old, and a 6 year old there will be a lot of waiting around on both sides as they won't be able to participate in the same activities.

Since visiting Kidzania Baby Girl has now turned 4 (as you would most definitely know if you follow my Insta - a post on a ballet themed party is coming very soon), so I'm already planning to take her back before the year is done with some of her four year old friends. If she loved the little snap shot she got, she's going to be mind blown when she finds out what the whole city is about.

* I'm very grateful to the lovely team at threepipe who hosted us for the LeapStart 3D event and our day at Kidzania.

I have lots of blog posts up there in the memory bank, so keep your eyes peeled peeps. More coming very soon.

Much love,

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  1. I have heard so many great things about Kidzania. We have a leapstart and my daughter adores it. She also starts school next month.

  2. I have lots about Kidzania and it seems everything about it is true, such a lovely way to spend time with kids and very educational too

  3. Thanks for this, I had heard of Kidzania but didnt really know much about it. I think I will wait until my kiddies are a bit older for a trip though. The leapstart 3D looks like a pretty cool gadget though and one I think my older would especially like!

  4. I have heard only good things about KidZania. While we won't be in London anytime soon we will be in Bangkok next Easter and plan on bringing our son there. I think I'll be more excited than him!

  5. That seems like such a brilliant place to bring kids! I especially love the idea of them ‘working’ in the supermarket and it’s cool that there is so much to do, as well as a chill out area.

  6. Ahhh what a fab day out for kids. I have a couple who would totally benefit from something like this. :D

  7. wow that looks like so much fun! I have taken my son to london before but its was a busy and not really child friendly in parts, especially the hotel we stayed in so this looks great.

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