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How To Create Your Very Own Ballet Themed Party For Your Ballerina

On August 21st my biggest baby turned four years old. Then just three weeks after that she started big school. I honestly can't believe that I'm now a school mum! Life has been hectic settling into our new routine but we are managing.

We're all feeling a bit more settled now and the first thing I wanted to do having some more time on my hands is to share all the details of her fourth birthday party. I hired a room in our local area and started with a blank canvas with one goal in mind - to create her the best birthday party yet. That could only mean one thing. Her very favourite thing right now - a ballet theme.

I'm going to talk about how I created everything through this post and then detail the suppliers at the end of the post.

If you've followed the blog since the beginning you'll know from Baby Girl's first rainbow polka dot party and her second ice cream party that I like to do most things myself. This party was no exception. The only difference this year was that for the first time she invited her friends from nursery so there would be more kids than ever before.

With this in mind the first thing I planned and one of the things I did outsource was an entertainer for the children. There really wasn't a choice in who the character would be other than her very favourite Disney Princess Elsa. She ran the whole party for two hours and was brilliant with the children both boys and girls. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect Elsa! The look on my princesses face when she saw Elsa walking up to attend her party was just priceless.

The next thing I did when working out the decor was purchase a ballet themed digital printable kit and I created the rest of the theme around it with pink and gold colours. The printable kit was jam packed and included everything from water bottle labels, cupcake cases, popcorn boxes, chocolate wrappers, personalised bunting and more. The kit I brought was customisable. It was meant to be simple to edit but it really wasn't. I spent way longer than I wanted trying to get things just how I wanted and when it came back from the printers some of the text just simply didn't print. I took a deep breath and got my gold pen out to do some of my own calligraphy. I think the bunting looked better handwritten anyway so it wasn't too bad but it took more time than anticipated.

I feel like many of you were with me the week before the party. Each night I would document what I was doing on my Instagram stories and it was so lovely to get your feedback as I was going. I created a saved highlight on Instagram so you can go and have a looksy if you fancy (@eatlovelivelondon or click the link in this paragraph).

Another thing I outsourced was the cake. I had no guarantee that Baby Bear would let me invest the hours I would need to be able to create what I wanted so I went to the best cake maker in London and she created the beautiful pink ombre cake I had in my mind.

I did manage to make some sweet treats for the table which were chocolate coated marshmallows, breadsticks dipped in chocolate and coconut cupcakes with cream cheese icing and oreo cupcakes with buttercream icing.

I got the balloon backdrop for the cake table by a local party supplier and I was so pleased with the way it turned out. I found a picture online of exactly what I wanted and they recreated it for me. They even delivered all the balloons and set it up. Which is just as well because there's no way they would have all fit in our car. There was enough balloons for each of the children to take one home with them which also meant I didn't need to worry about how to get  them out of the venue!

I created a little dress up corner in the room and filled a basket with ballerina tutus and gold crowns. It was a lovely thing for the kids to help themselves and kit themselves out for the party.

I kept the food for the kids really simple. The time of the party was from 3-5pm so it was an afternoon tea kind of time. The menu was:

  • A selection of cheese, jam and ham sandwiches
  • Pom bears (I filled the popcorn boxes with them)
  • Mini cucumbers
  • Watermelon and strawberries
  • Yogurt tubes

I also ordered some savoury platters for the adults of sandwiches, wraps , mini muffins and quiches.

I would say the party was a success. We hosted 20 happy children and their parents. Baby Girl had a smile on her face the whole afternoon.

 She's already talking about turning 5 now. Better get my thinking cap on!

I googled for hours to get the perfect everything for this party, but if you want to create something yourself just like this - I've made it easy for you. I've tried to list as many things as possible cos, you know, I'm a sharer :)

Re-Create This Ballet Themed Party

Entertainer (Elsa Disney Princess) - My Little Princess Parties
Ballerina Party Package Printables: Etsy
Ballet Shoe Cupcake Topper and Tutu Cupcake Toppers- AliExpress (order in plenty of time, prices as great but delivery can be up to two months)
Tutus and Gold Crowns - AliExpress - (order in plenty of time, prices as great but delivery can be up to two months)
Dress Up Basket - Homesense
Pink Ombre Cake - Ermioni's Bake Shop
White Paper Party Bags - Amazon
Personalised Ballerina Cake Topper - Ebay
White Gold Foiled Napkins - Ebay
Pink & Gold Tall Candles - Ebay
Pink Ombre & Gold Paper Cups - Amazon
Pink & Gold Paper Straws - Amazon
Gold Plastic Forks & Spoons - Amazon
Savoury Food Platters - Marks and Spencer
Oreo Cupcake Recipe
Coconut Cupcake Recipe
Baby Girl's Birthday Tutu - AliExpress - (order in plenty of time, prices as great but delivery can be up to two months)
Baby Girl's Gold Sequined Top - Etsy (MayaMIforgirls)
My dress - Ted Baker

Kat x

I would love to connect with you! You can find me on:


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