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A Year Of Firsts & What's In My Baby Girl's Easter Basket

Being a first time mum, this is such a special year for me.

A year of firsts.

To name a few that have just made my heart double in size:
The day I gave birth to my baby girl, my first child.
The first day we brought her home.
The first smile she ever gave me when she woke up in the morning with her beaming face and gave me a huge gummy grin.
Her first ever belly laugh.
Our first Christmas together as a family.
The first mouthful of food she ever tried and the look of disgust she gave me when it didn't taste like milk.

The one that filled me with pride happened just a few days ago.

She said Mummy!

She's been saying 'Hi' for a few weeks now and you would also be mistaken for thinking she's been saying bubble. All day, every day - bubble, bubble, bubble. Now while this little lady has had some exposure to bubbles at her baby sensory class I highly doubted she had made the link and was asking me for bubbles. 

I knew she was trying to tell me something and have been trying to work out what it is. And then it happened....

J was getting her bath ready and I was sitting on the bed playing peekaboo with her when she started on her bubble rampage again. She was saying it for about 30 seconds over and over then stopped, paused slightly and then as if using using all her might said 'Mummy'. She gave me a knowing look like she was so happy with herself and I was so proud. Mummy and daughter definitely shared a lovely 'first' moment there.

Another first to add to the list is my baby girl's first Easter. Unfortunately for her the only Easter chocolate in this house will be consumed by me and her dad but I really wanted to do something special for her and have the Easter bunny visit her for the first time. I've spent this week putting together a non-chocolate Easter basket to give to her on Sunday. I managed to pick up some really cute bits and get it all for less than £30 so I wanted to share my gorgeous finds with you.

Lester the lamb from Sainsbury's - £7

I like all her soft toys to be animals in the hope that one day she will be an animal lover like her Mum!

Chick, lamb and bunny finger puppets from Sainsbury's (£1 each) - £3

I can't wait to have fun with these. She is enthralled by the puppet shows at her baby sensory class.

Sun hat from H&M - £3.99

How cute is this hat? Perfect for her now the sun is making more of an appearance.

Peter Rabbit and touch and feel book (I got one free because I was buying another book for her and it was 3 for 2 on pre-school books) from WHSmith - £5.99

Because a baby can never have too many books. She especially loves books with different textures on the pages so the quack quack one is perfect for her.

Leggings and t-shirt from Next - £10

I just couldn't resist this cute little bunny set!

I'm so looking forward to celebrating Easter for the first time as a family. I hope you all have a fabulous Easter, especially to all of you who are also celebrating your 'firsts' :)

Kat x


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  1. Looks like you put together a really good basket there x

  2. the finger puppets are adorable. Sounds like you've had lots of special moments recently x

  3. Such a lovely post! Easter baskets are a great idea for a gift.

    Have a great Easter!♥

    Ashleigh x

    ♥ ♡ ♥ Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle and Fashion blog ♥ ♡ ♥

    1. Thank you. Wishing you a great Easter too x

  4. Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas, Have a great Easter!

  5. It's a pleasure. Have a great Easter too x

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