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Mummy 'Me Time' & Lush Big Blue Bath Bomb Review

Any mummy would agree with me here that 'Mummy Time' or 'Me Time' whilst rare, is so precious when you actually get it.

When I do get me time, I really try allow myself to shut off from mummy life, thoughts and worries and relax. I used to get twangs of guilt for even wanting my me time. Now I realise how important it is to reset myself, refresh and have a new energy for baby girl when I'm done.

I do find it hard to shut off.
I spend all day with baby girl whilst J is at work (which I absolutely love by the way and feel lucky that I am able to spend every day with her for her first year).
When she's napping I'm catching up on housework, cooking and the blog.
I like to have family time when J gets home until baby girl's bed time at 9pm.
Then I have a little side project - a small business I am in the process of trying to set up.

So whilst I can always find something to fill up every hour in my day I do try and squeeze in some me time whenever I feel I need it.

My most favourite way of relaxing is having a bath. One, sometimes two (adding lots more hot water) uninterrupted hours in my gorgeous vintage tub where I can completely wind down, shut everything else out and put my feet up.

My favourite thing to add to my tub is a Lush Big Blue bath bomb. Actually it has now become a necessity to add to my bath. I can't be without one.

Lush are a handmade cosmetics company. If you have ever walked past one of their stores you would know about it. The smells that stream out of their shop front are just scrumptious. Lush make all their products from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables and essential oils. They do not believe in animal testing and are 100% vegetarian. The vegetarian in me loves their ethos and I can really relate to this company.

The big blue bath bomb smells absolutely devine. It's ingredients are sea salt, lemon oil, lavender oil and seaweed. According to the Lush website the sea salt softens the skin and helps remove dead skin cells, the lemon oil helps clear the mind, that and the lavender oil are antiseptic and cleansing and the seaweed softens and detoxifies the skin. All the things I need in a bath.

Once you add this bath bomb to your water the blue explosion starts. When dissolved, the bath water turns a vibrant blue leaving pieces of seaweed floating around the bath. I can lie back, close my eyes and really feel like I am floating in the sea.

The smell of the bath is so refreshing. I am able to instantly relax and the luscious scent helps me shut off mind - which is normally really difficult for me.
It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and silky and me smelling delicious the whole night. The seaweed pieces are quite big and need to be dug out of the bathtub once finished but they are an important element of this bath bomb so not a problem for me.

I've tried many of the Lush bath bombs and whilst I have come across some other fab ones, the big blue is by far my favourite. It has become a real staple for me. I make sure my bathroom is always stocked up. At £3.35 per bomb it's certainly not the most economic additive to you bath but in my book it's worth every penny.

To all you mummies out there. Please don't feel guilty for needing some you time. You, your babies and your family will be better for it. Make time for it.

Give the big blue bath bomb a try. If you do, let me know how you get on with it. If you've already tried it, what are your thoughts? Do you love it as much as me?

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  1. You totally deserve some me time and I couldn't think of a better way than with lush! This bath bomb sounds delish - worth splashing out on every now and then!
    Love Lucinda xx

    1. It sure is. So much goodness in one bath bomb! We're getting some work done in our house and I can't use the shower today so I have the perfect excuse to get a little bit of me time tonight x

  2. Lush bath bombs are my favourite, not tried this one before - thanks for sharing x

    1. You're welcome! You HAVE to try this one. I'm sure you will love it x


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