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What Saves Me From My Teething Terror?

This week, the fabulous Charlene from Moderate Mum dedicated a blog post to my million dollar question.

It feels like my 7 month old has been teething since birth but still no teeth?

Charlene is wise, funny, witty and her reassuring words will help me get through my teething episodes from here on. Thank you lovely x

I also asked my friend who has a two year old when it gets easier the other day. Her response shocked me (yes I am a naïve first time mummy).

They are still living it!

Her beautiful boy is still growing his pearly chompers and every time one tooth breaks through the gum, the next one starts coming up. This has been on going for 2 years. Faith is what I need.

It's so hard when my baby girl can't tell me what's wrong but I am 95% sure that every time my girl deviates from her normal happy brilliant self, teething is the reason. In fact, 'she must be teething' is a very common term used in my household.

I'm the type of person that likes to 'fix' things.
Got a headache? Take a paracetamol.
Flu? Lemsip will do you.
Is that eczema? Here's some cream.

When I was faced with teething, I found hundreds of products that were meant to be THE thing that will fix my teething baby. Slowly but surely as soon as I would purchase a product, it was put away as it wasn't giving my baby the relief I had anticipated. In my desperate attempts at 'fixing' my baby's teething issues I wasted so much money on products that just did nothing for her.

7 months on and a lot of misses, I have finally found a few select products that are my go to whenever teething strikes.

I call it my Teething Kit.

Anbesol Liquid
After trying every gel there is and for them not to work, my friend recommended this saving grace. Anbesol is an anaesthetic and antiseptic for the mouth and is effective instantly. I've tried it on myself. Unlike the gels that take some time to seep in, this liquid is fast acting and offers baby girl a quick fix. I simply turn the bottle upside down on my finger tip and then spread it around baby girl's gums. I can see the instant relief in her face.

£5.99 from Boots

Sophie The Giraffe
My baby girl loves her Sophie. She loves her so much she has two because if something was to ever happen to one we would need a replacement immediately. This beauty was originally made in France in the 60's and has become a world wide sensation. I got my first Sophie for a gift at my baby shower. I was wondering what all the hype was but as soon as baby girl started teething I got it. When her gums are causing her pain she is permanently attached to her Sophie. Chewing on her limbs and rubbing them against her gums. She can't get enough of it.

£11.20 from John Lewis

I've had to stock up on so many bibs. Some days she is constantly dribbling and I need to change her bibs 5 times over. My favourites are triangle shaped bibs and I have them in so many different colours. They are the cutest looking and we have a variety to match each of her outfits. I especially love this cheeky chompers bib. It's double sided and has a rubber triangle at the end of the bib. It protects her from her drool and gives her something to chew on that she can't drop. Genius!

£11.99 from John Lewis

I won't lie. The poo has shocked me. Who would have thought that problems in the mouth transpose to problems in the bum?
The poop explosions ergh!
The 7 poos a day ahhh!
That acidic smell ewww!
Worst of all is the nappy rashes that come as a result of all of the above. As soon as I see the first signs of redness, I try and keep the area really dry and I smother in Sudocrem. Most times we manage to avoid any really awful outbreaks.

£2.99 from Boots

For those like me currently living through teething terror, I feel for you. My thoughts are with you. Keep faith! Our poo babies will one day get through this but until then if you haven't tried any bits in my kit - give it a go. Good luck!

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  1. Everyone I know with little children raves about the giraffe chew toy. They are so sweet and it's nice to know that it works so well.

    1. It certainly does! Who would have thought a little price of rubber would be so effective? X

  2. Aw bless! What a lovely homemade kit. I'm such other parents will find it extremely useful!


  3. Ah Sophie, Baby loved her Sophie x

  4. Hehe we can't live without our Sophie! X

  5. Your kit is so chic! Those bibs are so clever. Thank you for linking up lovely x

    1. The bibs are fab! Especially as my darlings favourite game is throwing her teething toys and watching me pick them up over and over again! You're welcome hun, thanks to you too! X


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