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Baby Holiday Packing Tips - What We Packed, Used & Didn't

As quite the seasoned traveller I enjoy packing. There's something exciting, in the lead up to your adventures, about going through your belongings and carefully selecting what to pack.

I am normally one for doing this a day or two before leaving and always make sure I have options. Options on what piece of  clothing goes with another. Options on my footwear - day, night time and beach, multiple options on costume jewellery, because if you can't be excessive with that when you're on holiday, when can you be? Even options on shades of lipstick, again feeling more free to make bolder choices when away from my humble abode. I would ensure I had many options and would be lucky if I utilised 1/3rd of them, but that's how I liked it!

A sense of fear came over me when two weeks before our recent holiday, people (mostly experienced mums experienced with travelling) asked me if I had started packing yet. Worse still when I saw their faces turn white as I told them we had only purchased 1 x 20kg checked in luggage for me, my husband and 10 month baby girl for our 6 day, 5 night stay. And then even more when they wished me good luck in a tone that I knew they meant I was going to need it.

We were leaving on a Saturday and by the time it reached the Wednesday before I decided it was time to tackle my daunting task. The plan was this. J and I would pack for ourselves in our carry on and baby girl would have the suitcase. I could no longer have my 'options' and was only able to pack just enough to see me through, but it was enough and I was happy to make sacrifices to make sure baby girl had options and all that she needed while we were away.

I'm happy to say I did a pretty good job of packing. We were well equipped during our holiday and on the way their our checked in luggage weighed 20.7kg (they let us off on the .7) and on the way back was 15kg!

Destination:             Greece, Corfu
Length of Holiday:  5 nights, 6 days
Weather:                  Always sunny and between 27 - 30 degrees, nights were warm
Time Of Year:          Late June

Here's a list of what I packed for baby girl, what I used and didn't use and some final packing tips.

5 x dresses/ jumpsuits (used these all, mostly for evening wear)
3 x panties to go under dresses (used all)
3 x Bonds wonder suits (used one on the first night then realised it was too hot, stuck to vests)
9 x vests - variety of short sleeve and sleeveless (used them all)
2 x pretty bodysuits (used one)
2 x pairs shorts (used both, great to throw over vests)
4 x t-shirts (only used one under a playsuit, preferred the vests)
2 x leggings and 1 x light weight trousers (didn't use)
1 x cardigan (didn't use)
1 x light long sleeve top (didn't use)
6 x bibs (didn't use - but glad I brought them as never know when we will have a teething/ dribbling attack)
2 x sun hats (tried both but the only one that had a chance of staying on was the tie up one)
2 x pairs socks (didn't use)
2 x sandals (she struggles to keep sandals on, always kicks them off so mainly she went barefoot as she's not walking yet)
2 x swimsuits (used the tankini, easier for switching swim nappies when spending a day poolside)

5 x muslin squares (these are an essential for me any time, used them all and could have done with more)
3 x packets wipes (we are big wipe users, we used them all)

1 x foldable changing mat (used this for every change and was light weight to carry round with us)

2 x towels (used both, one for bath and one for swimming)

1 x plastic feeding bib (used for every feed, great that its plastic as just wiped down after each use)

6 x night time nappies (used all)
30 x day time nappies - 5x for each day (used these all, the last one being on our journey home to London!)
12 x swimming nappies (took her in the water twice as she ant really a fan so only used two)

1 x swimming float (she was really unsure about the water so was more comfortable in my arms, didn't use this much)

2 x plastic bowls (ended up using bowls at the restaurant so we didn't have to wash ours after each use)
2 x plastic spoons (used one)
2 x water beakers (used one)
2 x milk beakers (used one)
2 x food pots (used both to carry around food with us)

4 x 1 ltr ready made milk (used 3)
10 x 10 month Ella's Kitchen pouches (she had half at a time so ended up using 5)
2 x Organix  carrot stick snacks - plus one container to store open packet to keep fresh (used one packet)
1 x Cow and Gate 10 month + muesli (used the whole packet)
1 x Hipp Organic fruit pots (didn't use as she had fresh fruit from the buffet every day)
1 x cool bag to keep milk and pouches in (used this to transport milk and pouches to make sure they didn't get too hot)

1 x Calpol (so glad we brought this, baby girl woke up screaming one night and only Calpol settled her)
1 x ear thermometer (didn't use but you never know when you're going to need)
2 x combs - she never let's me comb her hair unless she's holding one too (used both)
1 x tub coconut oil (used every day)
1 x tub Sudocrem (used every day)
1 x tub bath cream (used every day)
1 x baby spray on sunscreen (used every day)

1 x BabyStart pushchair (used every day)

1 x travel cot (she slept like a baby in her travel cot)

2 x blankets (used these to line her travel cot for extra comfort and home smell)
1 x 1 togg sleeping bag (didn't use)
2 x sheet squares (used these for something light to cover her when sleeping)

1 x canvas tote to carry around bits and pieces during the day in the absence of her changing bag (used every day - this was a great score from Primark and they have loads of different' designs)

What I forgot Wish I brought:
  • We have a bottle and food cooler at home that would have saved Daddy running downstairs to heat up milk for baby girl's 5am feed (we didn't have a kettle in our room)
  • Our Stokke baby carrier would have helped with commuting when we were able to use the pushchair i.e, on and off the plane and bus journeys.
  • Her shampoo so we had to use her bath soap on her hair
A few other tips:
  • When travelling with a baby you can normally check in two baby related pieces as well as your normal luggage, this is how we were able to take the travel cot and pushchair. The travel cot is packed away in a bag and we were able to make the most of the extra baggage and squeezed our blankets into there.
  • We brought pouches as we weren't sure about baby girl eating food from the all inclusive buffet. We ended up giving her half pouches, which she didn't always eat all of and then giving her things like bread, fruit and yogurt from the buffet.
  • The pushchair was a special holiday purchase as we didn't want to damage our iCandy and it was just too heavy to take. It was perfect for what we needed. Sure, it wasn't great for cross country and the shade attachment was a bit flimsy but it was cheap and light weight and fit for the purpose of our holiday. We'll use this when we go away at Christmas too.
  • We're glad we brought our own travel cot. The hotel ended up having one set up in the room for us when we arrived however you never really know how clean they are and baby girl particularly likes to gnaw at the top of the cot. We have normally have ours set up in the living area at home mostly for her to play in but she's used to it and she slept really well in it. The smell from home probably helped with that too. The mattress (if you can call it that), is not very comfortable but we were able to use some of the hotel blankets and our own to make it super comfy for her.
  • When I was picking up some last minute bits before our holiday, I couldn't find any travel sized empty containers  in my frantic last minute search so I just picked up some air tight mini containers from Sainsbury's to put things like coconut oil, bath wash and Sudocream in.
K x

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  1. haha I find packing for myself already stressful let alone for someone else :p If I ever have children I'll definitely come back and use these tips as they are really useful! :) x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

    1. Haha yes packing for children is taking things to a whole new level! x

  2. love this my youngest is 4 but as he has special needs theres so much to consider,it wasn't until i read your post it made me rethink things we are going to butlins so dont have to worry about it being too hot however 2 things in paticular i didnt even think to pack #1 his milk he has 3 bottles of special milk a day from his dietrician....nearly forgot those + his beakers as he wont drink from anything differant! also some snacks from home for lunch time as again his diet is very limited...i hope i'm not forgetting anything else! but thank you for making me actually sit and think things through...fully! :)

    1. I'm so glad my post helped. There's some things that you just can't count on being able to get when you're away. Especially the things you have mentioned. Yes, we have a favourite beaker too, nothing else will do x

  3. I love this list. We went to Greece early June too. One year makes such a difference. My list was similar last year when we went to Marrakech when my son was 13 months.

    I too used the whole 20kg for him. For our Greece holiday we ended up paying for excess even after I only packed 'essentials' for him. I'll do better next time. :-)


    1. Haha it's such a hard task isn't it? And your right. Even though I've documented this and think I've got it sorted, when we head to Australia later in the year, packing for that will be totally different. Not having to bring nappies, milk powder and food will hopefully help though and we will have a lot bigger luggage allowance x

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