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A Peek Into My Home: Nursery Tour

The next room in my home feature that I want to share with you is Baby Girl's nursery! I just love her little part of the house. It was so nice to create a room completely from scratch and after adding to it bit by bit, it finally matches my vision.

I started thinking about Baby Girl's nursery when I was about 6 months pregnant and we were getting ready to renovate our house. I decided I wanted to go with a vintage and a touch of animals theme. J was worried that it would look to adult when I told him how I was thinking of decorating it but I think the end result is actually a really good balance.

There had previously been a fireplace in the room that was really lovely but taking up a whole wall which we needed for furniture so I decided to get it taken out and boarded up and have that wall as a feature with vintage style purple wallpaper. I decided I would lay down floorboards like the rest of the house and have the rest of the walls pained white. I also chose a gorgeous small chandelier for the room.

The giant stuffed giraffe is one of the first toy purchases I made for Baby Girl. What started off as
 nursery decor has turned into a firm favourite toy. He watches over her her at night and she always says good morning and good night. We call him giraffe - no points for name originality there!

We picked up the cot, changing table and wardrobe as a set from The Baby Show and we got a really good deal. It's Mamas and Papas Orchard. The quality is amazing and all the pieces are adjustable meaning Baby Girl will be able to use it all for many years to come. I chose it for the gorgeous details on the cot bars.

A few favourite friends keep Baby Girl company in her cot and night.

It took a lot of trial and error to work out what looked good on the wall next to Baby Girl's crib. I tried so many things but I felt they looked too much. In the end I picked up two simple prints from Primark and it's like they were made to be there.

Keeping with the vintage theme I just had to put in a little chandelier.

used the pom poms as decorations for Baby Girl's christening and then decided to pop them above her cot. I love the way they look. The frame above the cot was a very special gift and has photos of  Baby Girl pegged on a piece of string.

I specifically knew I wanted ruffle curtains and I searched high and low for them. In the end I got them from a little shop on Etsy in India. I was delighted when they arrived and they were just what I was wanting. They were custom made so I was able to chose the exact size.

The bookshelf  is handy for decor and storage. It helps everything have a home so things can be kept nice and tidy.

This is just a small selection of her books. We read one every night before bed so I keep her favourites on this shelf where she can pick what she wants to read.

These are books  my own mummy gave to me and I have passed on to her.

Last but not least, I wanted to show you my storage solutions. I am secretly a hoarder but like to put everything away sense my love of boxes and storage. I keep the woven baskets on top of the wardrobe and they have a load of my bits and pieces in them. The boxes at the bottom of the bookshelf stock all things baby nappies, wipes, nappy bags etc.

Nursery bits and pieces:
Mamas & Papas Orchard 3 Piece Nursery Set
Ikea LIATORP bookshelf
Melissa & Doug giraffe plush
Primark heart cushion
Mamas and Papas stuffed elephant
Jellycat stuffed dog
B&Q chandelier and wall paper
Primark quote prints
Etsy ruffle curtains
Amazon round shaggy rug
Hobbycraft pom poms
Ikea bookshelf storage boxes
Homesense top of cupboard storage baskets

Which room do you want to see next?

Kat x

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  1. Your nursery looks amazing! That giant giraffe is a great piece for any child to have. I also love your colour scheme, very beautiful. #coolmumclub

  2. Such a beautiful room! #coolmumclub

  3. What a beautiful nursery!! You're little girl is very lucky!
    Love that giraffe!

  4. This is lovely. Really like the neutral style and the storage. Also, the giraffe. Amazing! #coolmumclub

  5. It looks lovely, and that giraffe plush is just awesome! #thelist

  6. It looks so beautiful... gorgeous color as well. I love that giant giraffe and the ruffle curtains, so lovely! #TheList

  7. What a sweet peaceful room! We're hoping to do our baby boy's room up in the new year; fingers crossed it turns out as nice as this. :-) #TheList

  8. Wow what a beautiful nursery this is! I love the white decor, with natural colours as little extra touches. It looks so peaceful #thelist

  9. Just wow. It is beautiful and looks magazine worthy. What a classy room to sleep and play in. you've done a stunning job!!!!! Simply perfect. Thanks for linking up - much appreciated. Jess xx


  10. What a gorgeous, gorgeous room for a little girl! I love all of the vintage touches — especially the mauve colour on the feature wall and little chair. Absolutely beautiful — and I LOVE her giraffe looking over everything :) What a lovely touch :) Thanks so much for linking up with us :) #HomeEtc


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