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Weekly Grocery Haul & Meal Plan - (Sainsbury's) #1

I love reading these kinds of posts and for the longest time I've wanted to share them myself. The reason why it's taken me so long to do it, is that grocery shops and meal times in my house have been somewhat complicated. I was doing small but regular grocery shops, sometimes every day. I was also making 3 different meals every night. One for my fussy toddler, one for my fussy husband that could live on just a plate of meat alone for dinner each night if it was his way and one for me, I don't eat meat (except fish) and  I'm calorie concious. Madness right? It's not cost effective, time efficient and most importantly it doesn't meet my family vision of meal sharing at dinner times.

I decided that enough is enough! So for the last two weeks I've been nailing my weekly shops and having fun organising weekly meal plans. Here's how I went this week:


Sainsbury's 10% fat, 500g beef mince - £3.70
Sainsbury's diced chicken breast - £2.25
Sainsbury's frozen salmon fillets  (4 pack)- £3.75
Debbie & Andrews perfect pork sausages (6 in a pack) - £2.00

Fruit & Veg 

2 x peppers £1.20
1 x Iceberg lettuce £0.60
1 x Sainsbury's classic tomatoes (6 pack) £0.75
2 x Carrots £0.23
1 x Sweetcorn cobettes (4 pack) £1.50
300g Mixed berries £3.75
1 x Broccoli £0.50

For The Fridge 

1 x Arla Big Milk £2.25
1 x 2 ltr. Sainsbury's skim milk £1.00
1 x Little Yeo's yoghurt (6 pack) £1.50
1 x Be Good To Yourself Creme Fraiche £0.85
1 x Buxton water (8 pack) £1.50

For The Pantry 

1 x John West tuna chunks in spring water (4 pack) £3.00
1 x Special K oats and honey £3.00
1x Tassimo Costa cappuccino (8 pack) £4.50
1 x Sainsbury's wholemeal tortilla 8 pack £0.90
1 x Hovis wholemeal small loaf £0.60 (forgot to include this in the photo, we had already tucked into it for lunch
1 x Sainbury's reduced sugar & salt baked bean (2 snack pots) £1.00
1 x Jacobs cream crackers £1.00
1 x Cow & Gate my first muesli £2.00
1 x Miso Tasty miso soup £1.00
1 x Santa Maria fajita mix £0.90
2 x Barbecue popchips (1.80 ea) £3.60
1 x Old El Paso tomato salsa £1.60

Total: £52.43

It was a smallish shop this week. We didn't really need to top up anything that we buy in bulk and had already brought some fresh fruit and veggies on the weekend. I've also started to stock up in advance and freeze things like meat when I spot a bargain so had some on reserve to use for this week.

I mainly shop at Sainsbury's because of the convenience. It's right next to my house and I'm not yet sold on online shopping for groceries. I think I might give it a go though because I'm all about saving time and it would be so much quicker. If you have any faves that you do your online shopping with please let me know.

This is what this week's meal plan looks like:

Sausages, potato pancakes and carrots (Miso soup with asian vegetables and Singapore noodles for me)
Stir fry beef and rice (leftover soup for me)
Tuna fish cakes, brocolli and mac & cheese
Chicken Mexican tortillas and rice (Quorn chicken for me)
Home made burgers and chips (Veggie burgers for me)
Pan fried salmon with tomato salsa and tagliatelle
Roast lamb (When we have a roast I make loads of roast veggies for me and skip the meat)

So that's our week! I won't do these posts every week but I'll definitely start doing them more regularly whenever I can. What do you think?

Any tips for a novice weekly shopper/ meal planner?

Kat x

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  1. Great post, I'm not much of a meal planner but I think it would make life so much easier and also save money in the supermarket! Your meals all sound very yummy this week! xo

    1. We've been doing it for most of this year now and it makes life so much easier. You should def give it a go x

  2. I'm a big fan of Sainsburys and do my online shopping with them and Tescos. I should meal plan more, I try to but life gets in the way lol

    1. I've decided to go with Sainsbury's online this week. So much less hassle for only £1 delivery fee. Winning! X


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