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A Day With: What The Redhead Said

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.

Today I'm super excited to have someone I would label as blogging royalty - Donna from What The Redhead Said. Whilst there are over 8000 parent blogs in the UK, it still feels like a small and supportive community. Donna is definitely someone who helps bring us all together. She runs an amazing Facebook group for us parent bloggers and always shares her own blogging tips that are very helpful. And I haven't even started on her amazing blog full of posts about life with her 2 adorable children and her lovely husband. She also hosts some fab guest post series and often has great giveaways going on.

Donna sure has got a great juggling act going on in being able to manage the day with her family. I love the togetherness feeling that I get from reading about her day. I'll salute any parent who has their child in bed by 7.30pm. What's your secret Donna?

7am I wake up. I actually have an alarm set for about 7:20am but LP wakes at 7am thanks to her Gro-Clock and will often come into our room straight away for a cuddle before my alarm goes off.
7:20am I get up, point LP in the direction of the bathroom with her school uniform and get myself ready. She'll wander in every so often asking me to help with her tights or buttons but on the whole she is great at getting herself dressed.
7:45am By now LP will be nearly ready so I'll wake Little Man and get him dressed before we all brush our teeth and head downstairs.
8am The children sit and have their breakfast, usually whilst watching TV. I'll dash around getting things ready for the day and will sit down for five minutes to eat something quickly.
8:30am is the very latest we can leave the house to get to school on time. This is where our day varies quite a lot. If I'm working that day then Hubby (or Mother in Law, depending on whether Hubby's working that day too) will walk to school with me and the kids and I'll disappear half way to head to work - not returning until 5:30pm. But if it's a day when I'm at home I'll walk all the way to school, going with LP to get her lunch band and then saying goodbye with kisses and cuddles before waiting for LP to disappear into her classroom.

8:55am Little Man and I then have the whole day together. Days vary quite a lot but on the average day we'll head into town to do a few jobs - post office, supermarket and a couple of other shops depending on what we need.
10am We'll usually be back home around this time and we'll relax for the morning if we have no other plans. Other days we go out on a big adventure or we'll drive to soft play or a National Trust place for a wander around but on a typical day we'll relax and take it easy together. Playing with Play-doh, reading books, making creations out of Lego.
10:30am is otherwise known as snack o'clock where Little Man picks something to eat from the snack box before carrying on with his playing mission. I'll be pottering around the house, putting washing on, tidying up, planning dinner.
12pm is lunchtime. Little Man demands cheese on toast every single day but we vary things instead. One of his favourite things is a carpet picnic where we'll throw a blanket down in front of the TV and have a picnic - a whole plate of snacky picnic favourites, lots of fruit and a drink.
1pm after lunch we'll often try and do something a bit more fun. We might play in the garden and chalk on the patio, bake something or get the paints out. I'll be aware that we have an hour and a half until we have to leave to pick LP up so we'll try and make the most of it.
2:30pm we'll leave to pick LP up from school. We sometimes walk and sometimes drive depending on how we're feeling. The journey is usually spent with Little Man excited to see his sister but also a little tired as he no longer naps but instead has a definite afternoon lull.
2:55pm we pick LP up after school. Her hair is normally a mess, her coat undone and her cardigan buttoned up wrong - but she always looks so happy dragging her drinks cup and book bag along with her.

3:15pm we get home. LP goes upstairs to get changed into comfy clothes for the afternoon and Little Man sits to take his coat and shoes off all by himself.
3:30pm we'll have got settled back in at home and will do any homework that LP has before doing anything fun. It gets it out the way and stops us forgetting about it. We also do her reading with the books she brings home from school.
4:pm we'll do anything big that we've had planned - baking, crafting or anything else that takes some time. If we don't have anything big planned the afternoon will be filled with more playing, reading and relaxing.
4:30pm sometimes we'll put a movie on and snuggle on the sofa to watch it whilst having snacks. I love this quiet time with the kids and it's a great way to wind down before dinner.
5pm I'll start getting dinner together although if Hubby's home he will often cook. We always aim to eat between 5:30-6pm but the earlier the better on a school day as the children are always exhausted.
5:30pm we have dinner. We all eat together as a family and spend the time talking about LP's school day, our time at work or anything else that's on our minds. We often have an element of sharing food with dinner, a bowl of salad, a plate of garlic bread or a dish of nachos and we like to make dinner as sociable as possible.
6:30pm the children have a bath - if it's bath night and we wash their hair and let them play in the bath for a while before getting them dried, into the pyjamas and ready for bed.

7pm is official bed time although we usually read stories and relax a little and the children finally go to bed any time before 7:30pm.
8pm the children are guaranteed to be in bed and on their way to sleep. I tidy up downstairs and if Hubby's home I'll sit on the sofa with him, watching TV and catching up with blogging. If he's not home I do the exact same thing - but I take the laptop up to bed!
9pm is officially cup of tea o'clock in our house, a little interval in the TV watching to have a cup of tea and often a sweet treat too.
11pm is bedtime. We wind down and head to bed, ready for another day of the same again tomorrow.

You can read more about Donna on her blog What The Redhead Said or connect with her on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading more posts from you. #TheList

    1. Thanks for stopping by Helena. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, hope to see you around again soon :) x

  2. Donna is one of the best & I agree she keeps the community together so well & she is so helpful too. It was fun to read about her busy day! Thank you for sharing with #bloggerclubuk x


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