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Here's What I Scored At The Next Sale For Baby Girl

To all my baby fashion followers. I'm sorry there was no Sunday post this week. The truth is, this last week was so busy my feet hardly touched the ground. I barely had time to choose Baby Girl's outfits and get them on her, let alone trying to create flat lays and photos.

I'll make it up this Sunday with a fabulous outfit, I promise!

In the mean time, I thought I'd share some bits that I purchased in the Next sale. I've never been game to join the long lines or the crowds on Next sale days so on Saturday morning, when the sale began I logged in, browsed and made some purchases from the comfort of my bed.

Here's what I scored:

 Happy Rose Gold Foil T-shirt £4

I actually saw this beauty for the first time in a baby fashion post by Mummy And The Bubbas. I fell totally in love with it and just had to have it. I was devastated when I went to my local Next store and it wasn't in stock. When I saw this in the sale it went straight into the checkout without a second thought. How gorgeous is it?

3x Pack Vests £5

I can never have too many vests. During colder days I always layer Baby Girl to keep her warm so I was happy to find these.

Tan Butterfly Sandals £6 

These sandals are just beautiful. She actually has these in white already but has just grown out of them so I got them in a size that would fir her when we go to Australia at Christmas and hopefully in to next summer.

Floral Ruffle Swimsuit £6.50

If you've seen my wedding dress, you'll know I have a thing for ruffles. I can't get enough of them. Especially on Baby Girl. By the time we go to Australia at Christmas she will have grown out of all the swimsuits and it will be winter her so I imagine they will be hard to buy so I just had to have this one. I'm wondering how practical a one piece will be with managing swim nappies. Any thoughts?

The exciting thing about online shopping is waiting for the deliveries. I can't wait until the postman brings me this little haul.

Did you get anything in the sales?

Kat x

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  1. O I know she will look so cute in that top, and those sandals :-) my fav is that swimsuit I love it! I love deliveries too :-) xx

    1. I think the two will go so well together. Thanks again for the inspiration. Jacob was such an adorable model in that top xx


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