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A #MinisMeals Update

Welcome back to #MinisMeals. This little weekly meeting place designed to offer you the inspiration you may need to feed your family with good food. I can hardly believe that last week was already the fourth instalment.

There was such a nice selection of posts linked up last week - recipes, posts aiming to keep meal times fun, there was even our very first video to join the link up which was an Iceland grocery haul. I'm so impressed.

It's been such a busy week for me this week and I haven't been able to give the linked posts the love and attention they truly deserve. I decided that rather than moving on to a new week without having been able to do just that, I will extend #MinisMeals 4.

What this means is that last weeks #MinisMeals will remain open for submissions this week until 8pm on June 1st. If you have any links that you would like to link but have already joined in, please do so again, and if you're here on the hunt for inspiration - well you have two weeks rolled into one so hopefully that means more ideas, more recipes and more inspo for you lovely folk.

In the mean time I wanted to do a round up of some of the meals I've recently posted to Instagram. I always use the hash tag #MinisMeals when posting any of Baby Girls meals. Please join in with me and use it to, I'd love to get a little Instagram community going in cohesion with this linky.

Baby Girl continues to be fussy but luckily, on the most part, I am beginning to know some things that she is nearly always guaranteed to eat. At the moment that's rice and cous cous, so I often include that in her meals and know that if at the very least,that's all she eats then there's still something in her belly.

Breaded chicken, with a rice and broccoli mix as well as carrots and broccoli on the side

A quick an easy cous cous with left over roast lamb and mixed vegetables 

Cous cous seasoned with Maggi liquid seasoning and peas and carrots, quorn sausage roll, cucumber pieces and sugar & salt reduced ketchup and tzatziki for a fun dip dip

A hello fresh meal - beef bulgogi with ginger stir fried broccoli  

Her favourite snack of the moment, strawberries and 2 Organic banana biscuits. If she had the choice to have this for dinner she would choose this every time!

I've had so many comments about the dinnerware I use for Baby Girl. It was actually a gift from my Dad in Australia and we love it so much. It's Skip Hop and we also have a matching backpack that Baby Girl uses for nursery. I've found a similar owl plate and bowl set and spoon and fork set on Amazon. There's loads of other options on Amazon and I think they're all super cute.

Hope you continue to join in the #MinisMeals fun this week and look forward to seeing you again next week for some fresh, new ideas.

* This post contains Amazon affiliate links

Kat x

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