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Recipe: Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous

Last week Co-op Food reached out to me and told me they were sending me a surprise. When it arrived I was delighted to see it was my favourite kind of delivery - a recipe box!

Co-op have teamed up with the YouTube channel SORTEDfood to tackle the cooking skills gap amongst youngsters and have created #nowcookit - a campaign all about educating and encouraging by offering free online cooking courses.

The recipe box I was sent was for a roasted vegetable couscous and let me tell you, this is a dish I have a love affair with so it couldn't have been more appropriate to appear at my doorstep.

Review: Plaza Hotel Lucchesi (Florence, Italy)

I sit here on a cold Friday in London looking outside my bedroom window staring at a grey sky. The days are short, the cold is growing old and daydreaming about travel is high on my agenda.

We have our next long haul trip on the horizon that I'm excited about and I have the very dear memories of our family weekend away in Florence that we took in December. There were so many reasons that made the trip so wonderful and one of them was definitely Plaza Hotel Lucchesi - a 4 star boutique that we spent two nights in. If you follow me on social media you would have seen me raving about this stunning place during our stay. Heres some more detailed thoughts:

Mini's Wardrobe #4 (Some January Sales Finds)

We are two thirds of the way through January already and it's already flying before my eyes.

This is the funny time of year when we are though Christmas and the buzz of coming into a new year but we are still faced with frosty mornings, short dark days and coldness. I've kept myself excited through January with lots of fab deliveries of things that I scored in the January sales.

Today's toddler outfit features some bits that I found in the sales that I absolutely love. Both have become a wardrobe staple from the very minute I opened our happy post.

Press Play: A Mummy Day Off (Camden, London)

Here's a post I've been planning to share for some time but haven't because A. I've been hesitant and b. My blog schedule was terrible late last year.

I wanted to talk about a vlog I shared on my YouTube channel at the end of November. I've been slowly getting used to sitting in front of the camera at home and talking to you all but on this particular day something inside me gave me the drive to pick up my camera and take you with me on my mummy free day out.

My hesitation to share this comes for so many reasons. Reasons that when I vocalise them sound silly. Are my editing skills good enough? Is it actually interesting enough for you to spend 10 minutes of your day watching? My skin was terrible on this day. My camera angles make me look terrible. My voice is annoying. I'm not confident enough vlogging in public yet and it shows....

But you know what I realised?  This is me - flaws and all.

And this is what I chose to share.

And I always said to myself that I wanted to share my authentic self and not an edited version of me.

Yes, my videos still need loads of work but this is my journey and you have to start somewhere right?

So now that I've got past this hesitation and I'm working at getting my blogging schedule back into action. Here is a snap shot of one cold day back in November last year when this mama left her baby at home and went to catch up with her friends in Camden for a nice day out.

Press play:

To see the minute I got out of bed....

Photo Diary: Our Family Weekend In Florence

At the beginning of December we decided it had been far too long between travel for us so we booked a weekend away for my husband J, Baby Girl and I to go to Florence.

Florence is somewhere very close to our hearts. We were married in the hills of Tuscany and have already created some amazing memories in this amazing city so close to our wedding venue. We decided we just had to go and show Baby Girl.

There is beauty in every corner you turn in Florence. It's one of those cities that takes my breath away. I'll be sharing a review on the hotel we stayed at, as well as a separate post on some practical details but for now I just wanted to leave you with a small selection from the hundreds of photos I took during our break. Hope you enjoy!

My Plans & Wishes for 2017

A happy new year to you my lovely friends. I hope you had a great time over the holidays and it was filled with my three favourite F's - Food, Family and Fun.

Here we are, a week into January and I know that this year is going to fly by just as quickly as 2016 did. We have a very busy year ahead of us and I'm determined to do two things 1. Be productive and 2. live in the moment. I've been learning to master this balance over 2016. It's not easy and I'm not there yet but I'm better and I'll keep improving.

Preparing For Christmas

It doesn't feel like that long ago when I was writing about spending Christmas 2015 in Australia with my parents and siblings.

And just like that another year has passed. As a family we've had one of those years that whilst it doesn't feel like much has changed, when you actually think about it so much has in regards to every aspect of our lives. 

A Thank You & Giveaway: Gazelle London African Inspired Notebook Collection (Closed)

Here's a little something I shared with you guys on Instagram last week:


I love to write. Some of my earliest memories are creating story books in my first year at school before I could even properly spell.
The jury's out on how good of a writer I am now. The truth is, I often feel inferior being part of a group of some amazingly talented bloggers.
I don't let that stop me because having a creative outlet where I can express myself is far more important. I also love sharing my story and if I can help just one person by doing this, I'm happy.
This may not make sense but I'm like an extroverted introvert and I love that I can express my written word in a far better way than I could ever articulate verbally. I want people to know my journey but I'm not always comfortable with being so open and vocalising it.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I appreciate you x


A New Kind Of Normal

Well the past two and a half years feels like a whirlwind. It takes me to a place where I feel I've been running so fast, but everything around me has changed at such a quick pace it's been hard to keep up.

Becoming a mother has been a far bigger life change than I would have ever expected. I wouldn't ever take it back, not for a second. It has just been the biggest adjustment of my life. The transition of picking up my life and moving from Melbourne to London wouldn't even come close.

The thing about change and dealing with it, especially when it's not just you that you have to worry about, is that you can have the best laid out plans in the world but the universe works in it's own way and what you think are the next best steps for you just aren't.

A Little Homeware Haul

Today I'm coming at you with a little homeware haul. I like to refresh my house often with little pieces that are small touches but make a nice difference when you do lot of little bits here and there. I'm a homebody, I spend the majority of my time in my home.

I'm most relaxed when my home is clean, updated and everything is in it's place. Shopping for homeware gets my excited. If I'm ever doing any late night online shopping you can probably bet I'm scrawling through the home section of my favourite online stores. Anyone feeling me?

Here's my latest buys:

TIGER  cereal & salad bowls  |  M&S wood and marble board  |  OLIVER BONAS teaspoons