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First Birthday Gift Haul

Leading up to baby girl's first birthday I was finding that a lot of the toys she already had were feeling a bit young for her and I was needing to do more and more to occupy her day so we decided that for her first birthday we would get her a selection of gifts that would:
  • Keep her busy for periods of time
  • Help with her development 
  • Keep her interested for a few years 

Our budget was £150 and we managed to keep it under that. Here's what we got her:

SmarTrike Explorer 5-in-1 Recliner Trike in Orange  |   Smyths Toys  |  £95.99
(currently reduced from £139.99)

Bunch Of Balls  |  Smyths Toys  |   £7.99

Handy Block Puzzle  |  Smyths Toys  |  £2.99

Mega Blocks  |   Smyths Toys  |  £6.99

My First Crayola Jumbo Crayons  |  Smiths Toys  |  £1.49

Grow And Play Stacking Cups  |  Sainsbury's  |  £2.99

We're Going On A Bear Hunt Book  |  WHSmith  |  £6.99

Where's Spot? Book  |  WHSmith  |  £5.99

Peter Rabbit Book  |  WHSmith  |  £6.99

She mastered the art of opening her presents. Although on the day she seemed much more interested in the wrapping and packaging, she really loved her new toys. Especially the balls and the stacking cups. She loves to knock over the big towers that I build and put the balls inside the cups. It's so lovely to see how clever she is! We haven't tried the trike yet as the weather has been so rubbish this week but I can't wait until we do.

On top of what we got her she was so totally spoilt by all of our family and friends. We are currently using our travel cot as toy storage but I have ordered two of these storage bags. I can't wait until they are delivered. I hope they look as fabulous in our living area as they do in the pictures.

With Christmas being just around the corner I feel like I need to start thinking about that. Any suggestions for a very inquisitive toddler?

Kat x

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  1. Lucky lady! We love our smart trike xx

    1. We still haven't put ours together! The weather has been terrible since the birthday. Think we'll try it out this weekend xxx


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