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A Day With: Mama Loves Nate

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.

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Today's post features a wonderful mummy that I first connected with on Instagram - Yinka from Mama Loves Nate. Yinka is a gorgeous mother of one to the totally adorable Nate. She is a working mum who manages her full time job, son, family, household, blog, social media.... you get my point.... she is busy! I love her mummy blog. My favourite post of hers is 5 Things I Will Teach My Son As A Nigerian Mum, a very useful read to me with my husband being from Nigeria. She has also recently been posting her pregnancy journal which is doing no good for my broodiness I tell ya!

There is a lot of multi-tasking in this mama's day, things seem to run very smoothly and I'm impressed! I can totally relate with her on the tangled hair (need to learn to braid my baby girl's hair), teeth brushing and lot's of singing heads shoulders knees and toes.

A usual Tuesday in September 

The start of my day: "I'm a morning person, I've got this!" 

6:15 – my alarm goes off but I stay in bed for some quiet time (I usually pray, listen to a short podcast and read a devotional).

6:35 – Nate wakes up on his own, so I get up and get him some milk (he will have breakfast at nursery).

6:40 – I take a shower while Nate cuddles with Papa Nate

6:50 – I finish my shower and moisturise

6:55 – as my hair is in flat twists and a low bun, I spray moisturiser and apply gel to my edges. Then I wear my headscarf. 

7:00 – I get Nate from his dad to give him his bath. Brushing his teeth is a challenge that requires singing, begging and strength (on my part). The top row teeth are harder to reach than the bottom row. I also detangle his hair while it is wet.

7:10 – after his bath, we have some bonding time as I get him ready while he is on my lap. I moisturise him, clean his ears and nose and dress him in pre-selected and pre-ironed clothes. When he’s dressed, I apply coconut oil to his hair (I do this last because he usually wants to run away when I start touching his hair, so if he does, at least he is fully dressed). We sing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ while I get him ready and I generally talk him through what I’m doing and what he is wearing. 

7:25 – I start to dress myself. My clothes for the week have been pre-selected and ironed (to minimise my morning indecision). 

7:30 – I go to kitchen to get some cereal for  my breakfast, all the while, my little man is following me very closely from room to room. I take my cereal to the bedroom so I can talk to the hubby while he gets ready.

7:40 – I start the final preparations to leave for the day, put my shoes on, get my packed lunch from the fridge and Nate’s coat. I remember to take my scarf (for my freezing office), my phone and charging cable.

7:45 – we leave the flat and get outside to see that it’s raining slightly. Nate cries and doesn’t want to sit in his buggy as he would prefer to be carried by his dad. I run back upstairs to get my brolly and put my wellies in a bag (in case the rain is heavier later), then I run back downstairs. 

7:50 – we start making our way properly, at the end of the road, I kiss my two loves and wave them off in the other direction as they walk to nursery and I walk to work.

7:56 – I arrive at work.

8:11 – Papa Nate calls me to tell me how the nursery drop off went and we wish each other a good day.

The middle of my day: The Calmness of Work

From 8am till approximately 5:30pm, I'm at work. This middle part of my day can sometimes be an oasis of calm in between my mummy activities. 

I work as a senior investigator for a non-departmental government body. This current role is less pressurised than my previous role (where I was a case manager for a regulatory body), and it suits me fine. 

The ending of my day: Toddler Shenanigans before bed

17:30 - I leave work and walk to the nursery to collect Nate. The staff give me feedback about his day and I'm happy to hear he's been fine throughout. 

18:10 - we arrive home from nursery after a pleasant walk where we pointed stuff along the way. At the front door however, Nate decides that he wants my phone, and he starts crying when I don't oblige. I have to carry him upstairs while he kicks and screams. (In my head I'm wondering what happened?!?!)

18:20 - after refusing my offers of snacks, I go to the kitchen and do the dishes hoping he will settle. He continues crying so I know he won't want to eat and will be extra tired. 

18:40 - I decide to give him weetabix (yes), which he accepts and finally calms down. 

18:55 - dinner for me is pre-prepared fried rice and roast chicken which I eat with my quiet but clingy son on my lap. 

19:15 - I start the bedtime routine. Tonight, he's not down for anything so I skip the brushing of the teeth and the reading as I don't have the energy. We co-sleep most nights, especially on evenings like this one where he's tired and clingy. I say a brief prayer, he says "Amen" then I wait for him to fall asleep. I use this time to catch up on social media and the news. 

19:55 - Nate is almost asleep. I however have to leave him to put chips in the over for Papa Nate who just called. When he gets home a short while later, Nate is so excited to see his dad. All thoughts of sleep evaporate and they have an short but fun play session together.

20:15 - Papa Nate insists that its time for bed so I put him in bed and the soothing begins again. He eventually falls asleep 30 minutes later and I do too somewhere around 21:30.

You can read more about Yinka on her blog, and connect with her through Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

Kat x

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  1. Interesting reading about other peoples lives. My son has just gone to uni so it's been a long time since I had a toddler in the house.

    1. Wow, must feel like just yesterday when he was a toddler though? X

  2. wow! this is such a productive day, you have everything organized!



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