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A Peek Into My Home: Kitchen Tour

I've been excited about showing you my kitchen, ever since I started this home series. I love every room in my home but this is the one that I'm most proud of. I'm proud of it because it is exactly how we wanted it. We chose every single little detail. How big the room is. How high the ceilings are. The exact look and layout of the kitchen. The appliances installed. Even down to exactly where each plug socket is.

When we did our renovations. Our kitchen was the room that needed the most work. It used to be a tiny and very narrow galley kitchen, with a very poor quality units installed and a ceiling so low that I could have reached it on my tip toes (I'm short so that's saying something). You were able to lift up the benches (I don't lie) and the units weren't made to fit the space. There were gaps everywhere. It was bad, really bad. I hated it so much that I never wanted to cook in there, so I got away with the bare minimum. 

There was some pretty major work done with this room. The whole floor was dug out to achieve higher ceilings, we now step down into it from the rest of the house. We extended the room and got rid of a back door leading out to the garden. We have one in the living area already and wanted to extra space. We installed a sunlight which makes all the difference to how bright and airy the place feels, we also installed down lights running down the length of the kitchen to keep it really bright. This is especially great for late night cooking sessions. We put in the same flooring to match the rest of the house. We were originally going to go for tiles but I think the floor boards look fab.

From a design perspective we wanted to achieve a country cottage kitchen look with lots of practicality. We wanted to make a narrow room feel spacious and I wanted lots of cupboard and bench space. I love the way it turned out. In a way, this new kitchen has taught me to really love cooking and I'm so happy for that.

Instead of a galley style, we went for an L-shape. I wanted to have a whole wall where we had the option to do whatever we wanted to it and I also really wanted to be able to look out to the backyard from our kitchen sink.

There's something special about a kitchen windowsill. Ours houses some very treasured items. Some holiday photos of us - because isn't it nice to reminisce your favourite holidays while doing the washing up? I nearly always have fresh flowers perched up there. We have a lovely wicker heart stand that we used as decor at a celebration we held for our engagement. I also have a beautiful crystal antique ring holder that was passed down to me from my mum's aunty. It's the perfect resting place for my wedding and engagement rings when I'm getting my hands dirty in the kitchen. My mum had a nearly identical one in exactly the same part of the house when I was a kid and I think it's lovely I now have one of my very own. Along with all my special bits and pieces, I have my own pasta corner. Let's face it, that's pretty special in itself!

Another thing my mum always had in our family kitchens was a radio. I have fond memories of sitting with my family at the breakfast bar, eating breakfast together every day with the sounds of morning radio in the background. So although we don't often use the digital radio that sits on top of our microwave, I still feel like it's somewhat of a kitchen staple.

Our sink is a double, which was important to me. One of my favourite little details is our gorgeous tap. You can adjust it so the water streams differently and its bendable so you can aim the water in whatever direction in the sink your heart desires.

We have a silver theme going on with the bits and pieces that we have around the kitchen which I think looks nice.

This cute little box is a very recent purchase. I think it goes perfectly with the rest of the kitchen. It sits by the stove top and houses some of my most used kitchen items. The stove top is an induction. Before we started our kitchen research, I actually had no idea what an indiction stove was. I was sold when I found out you could boil a pot of water within two minutes. I also like that it blends into the bench tops and it's so easy to clean. A big huge tick on my practicality list for me. The only draw back is that only specific pots and pans work with an induction so we had to buy a whole new set, which let's face it, isn't such a huge problem in my eyes.

The spashback follows around the entire L-shape. When deciding on tiles I was really torn between chunkier white tile or the mosaic look. In the end I was really pleased with the white mosaic. I think it's really different and adds character to the kitchen.

One thing I really wanted to do was keep the design looking as neat as possible and be able to cover up the white goods. Spot the dishwasher.

As a family of 3, this is the perfect size for a days worth of dishes, which is great. We don't have to wait to collect a huge dishwasher full of dirty dishes and can do a quick load at the end of each day. This device is such a saviour and is the reason why I'm able to keep the kitchen clean and look after a toddler at the same time.

I wanted to show you this cupboard so you could see the space and also because it's one of my faves, home to some of my favourite items including my teas, cooking herbs and spices and most importantly my coffee pods #coffeeaddict

Here's our washing machine. We chose the biggest washer and dryer possible, meaning I can be efficient with big loads when I need to. This one's a 7 kg capacity. White goods are never very pretty and I still find it weird that they belong in the kitchen in the UK so I'm happy to be able to cover it up.

We have two big bins for convenience. One for general waste and one for recycling. It means that we can recycle effectively without any extra effort.

Our kitchen is heavily baby proofed. Most cupboards are locked down. Notice the cupboard locks?

Does anyone else have so many cook books and rarely use them? I often just add a bit of this and that, use the trusty recipes in my head or head online for recipe ideas. I have some gorgeous cooking books though so I must get better at using them.

The picture above the shelf is a painting of Florence and was a wedding present from my brother and his girlfriend. Florence is very dear to our hearts as we got married in Tuscany and have some great and romantic memories there.

This little breakfast bar actually folds down, giving us the space if we need it. We've never actually done that from the day that we installed it but it's nice to know the option's there. I really love to bar stools that go with it. It's all from IKEA. It's nice to have a little place to eat or chill at that's separate from our main dining area.

On top of our little breakfast bar is our fruit and bread area. Our fruit crate matches the herb box by the stove. The bread tin is great as It has ample storage for whatever bread products we want to keep fresh.

Our fridge was the first appliance we brought and we actually worked out our lay out to accommodate it. I love that it's an American style. There's plenty of room (although the more you have, the more you feel you need generally). And my favourite feature is that there is filtered cold water and ice on tap. I have an iced water every morning, even on the coldest of days. We started collecting fridge magnets when we go on holiday and on our fridge is what we have so far.

I love my pull out larder. It's so easy to see everything and just generally keep things in order. Isn't it just so beautiful?

There's always a cookie in a jar mix handy in my larder for last minute emergencies. Click on the link if you'd like to make one yourself.

The oven is another tick in the practicality box. It's a twin oven so I can have two different things cooking at the same time at different temperatures. Both the oven and the microwave have a mirror finish which I think is a nice look although it does take a little extra time to clean and polish.

Another fab feature? My little wine rack. LOVE!

The only white good we weren't able to tuck away behind a cute little cupboard is our dryer. Which is OK because it's still out of the way from everything else. It has an 8KG capacity which is absolutely amazing.

You can see that the kitchen is kind of split into two. We had to do it that way as the builders needed to install a pillar when doing the extension. I kind of like it like that and means that I have different sections. The stove, sink area where I prepare dinner. The second little bit is where I do a lot of my baking and serve meals. This section is home to my two favourite kitchen appliances.

My KitchenAid is definitely my best friend in the kitchen. I love it so much and I don't know how I was ever without it now.

Another thing I don't know how I was ever without is my Tassimo coffee machine. It makes my cappuccinos to perfection any time I want one. I keep my marble board next to it to protect the bare wall from coffee splatters. This board is quite famous on the blog, you might notice I use it as a backboard for a lot of my photos, particularly cooking ones. The little canister next to the coffee machine are for tea, coffee and sugar and there's also a cheeky biscuit barrel there that came as a set with the bread bin.

Want to look? I've tried to list as many bits as I can below:

Howdens kitchen units, benchtops and fixtures
B&Q sink
B&Q splashback tiles
Hotpoint stainless steel double oven
Whirlpool induction hob
Hotpoint chimney hood
Beko 7kg washing machine
LG condenser tumble dryer
Samsung American Style Fridge
IKEA breakfast bar and stools
Dunelm white shelf
H&M herbs and spices box and fruit crate
Next bread and biscuit tin
Next marble board
John Lewis tea, coffee & sugar canisters
Tiger flower vase/ milk bottle
Jamie Oliver pasta tin
TK Maxx pasta jar
Philips digital radio
KitchenAid mixer
Bosch Tassimo coffee maker

Kat x

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  1. I am so jealous of your kitchen! It's so beautiful, all your storage is fantastic, like the pull-out larder. I love wooden floors in kitchens and the mosaic tiling is lovely. Everything has obviously been so well thought-out and I was just like, wow all the while I was reading! Thanks for sharing this, it's given me some ideas :)


  2. Bless you, thank you lovely! I love my kitchen so much, that's why I spend so much time in it these days. I'm so glad you like the finer details. It's so hard to make decisions about these things but I'm so glad the way it all came together x

  3. I want your kitchen! It is so lovely, just stunning. All the little details really tie it together so well. I am loving the tiles, I really think you made the right decision with those and your little table is so cute. Don't get me started on your pull out larder I am so jealous of that!! #HomeEtc

  4. This is lovely - really well planned out, it looks like you've really made the most of the space. I hate our kitchen - although it's not particularly old, we inherited it when we moved into the house and it's just really poorly laid out - although it's not a small space, it's impossible for two people to do things in it at the same time. And I'm with you on the washing machine in the kitchen thing - I've always lived in the UK so grown up with it, but it's weird to me. Our last flat was tiny and it was in the bathroom instead, and I suddenly thought - 'yes, this makes sense'! #HomeEtc

  5. What a lovely kitchen, you've been very clever with the space. It's really lovely to look out on the garden too. I'd probably stand with my cuppa looking out the window for hours!


  6. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Your hard work and design choices have really paid off. I love your funky tap. I'd love to do our kitchen but it's bottom of the list at the moment. I hope it turns out half as well as yours when we get round to it! #HomeEtc

  7. Oh its beautiful! I cannot wait to own my own home and be able to plan and design every detail like this. Renting certainly has its drawbacks with how much you can do around the house. x

  8. It sounds like the kitchen renovation was a pretty hefty task but was certainly worth it! I thought I recognised where the storage boxes were from, gotta love a bit of H&M homeware :)

  9. How lovely that every single item in your kitchen is exactly what you wanted - well done on all the hard work to achieve that, it's certainly paid off! I especially love the flooring #HomeEtc

  10. What a gorgeous space!! We did exactly the same in our old house — our kitchen was totally designed for the way we used it. I cannot WAIT to do the same thing in our current house. We're *desperate* to redo the kitchen — it's by far the worst room in the house. Fingers crossed this is the year!! ;) Thanks so much for sharing with us #HomeEtc

  11. Aaah I love your kitchen! It's just the style I love and such gorgeous pictures! V Pleased to have found your blog! #HomeEtc

  12. Utterly swoon worthy! Beautiful and stylish but SO practical :) xx You have great taste and you have made a superb kitchen. Thanks for linking up, great to have you :) Jess xx


  13. It looks great - and I know what you mean about a radio in the kitchen - I missed it when I moved here and we added one and it felt so much ore like home! Love the crates too. #homeetc

  14. Gorgeus kitchen, it is really nice and bright. I also have a radio in the kitchen, I love having background music on.
    Your breakfast bar is lovely too.

  15. Your kitchen is gorgeous! I especially love your tap and the tiles. Also, I have the same H&M wooden box with writing on and love it so much I've bought a good few!

    The British Feather - Life, Travel & Home Decor

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