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6 Ways I'm Going To Love My Body In 2016

Early this year I spoke about how I haven't set myself any specific New Years resolutions for 2016. This year it's more about planning, setting things up for success and sending positive vibes to the universe to help me on my way.

Rather than set a I want to lose X amount of weight by X time (which has featured in a lot of past resolutions) I had a long hard think about what I need to put in place to really start loving my body. I know I have weight to lose still and I am determined to do so, but I know I also need to start accepting I am a mum. I've carried a child in the body of mine for 9 months and it's time to learn to accept myself a little more and focus on being healthy and having a healthy body image.

Here's how I'm going to try and love my body more this year.

1. Cook From Scratch
There's nothing better than home cooking and I do love to cook. Some weeks I fall in the trap of easy meals. Today's supermarkets have more than enough options for ready made meals and components of meals. They're great and convenient but you never really know what's in them so I'm going to make an effort to cook from scratch as much as possible. Things like making my own fish fingers, lasagne or pasta sauce. Real home made goodness is tastier, so much more satisfying and ultimately better for you.

2. Cut Out Sugar
My names Kat and I'm a sugarholic. I must admit. My sweet cravings are REAL. Even when I'm dieting I normally count calories and allow myself enough allowance for something sweet each day even if it's something small. I've been thinking about this and the feelings I get if I don't allow myself sugar. It's not pretty and sugar highs or lows are not great for my energy. I'm not saying I'm going to cut out sugar completely, but I do want to work on cutting it back.

3. Organise My Wardrobe Every 2 months
Clothes make me feel great about myself. No matter how satisfied or unsatisfied I am with my body, put me in a great outfit and I feel good. Often I forget about what clothes I have and reach for the same things on a weekly rotation which then makes me feel blah about myself. I could confidently say that at any one time I'm not even rotating 20% of my clothes regularly. So I'm going to sort through my wardrobe every 2 months and make sure I have a selection of well fitting clothes that I feel great in in hand.

4. Stop Comparing
I am going to accept my body for what it is. My shape is my shape even if I lose weight. I'm me and I'm not the super model tanning at the beach next to me looking fabulous in her bikini. When I can stop comparing myself to others I feel like I will generally feel more at peace.

5. Get Enough Sleep
I've always been a night owl but the older I get, the more it just doesn't work for me. Especially as my toddler gets livelier and more active each day. I often let the night get away with me and before I know it, it's 2am and I'm not asleep yet. Then I panic because it's so late and it takes even longer to get to sleep. I need to plan my day smarter and just accept that if things are not done at a certain time then it can just wait for the next day.

6. Take The Stairs
More effort and less short cuts. Take the stairs, not the lift. Walk the path, not the travellater. Allow time in the day to take that 30 minute walk to my destination rather than that 5 minute car ride. Chose the hard route and not the easy one.

If I can follow these steps I hope to be able to continue to lose weight, feel and be healthier and learn to accept and love my body without having to do anything to drastic. It's more about healthy mind and permanent lifestyle choices over extreme dieting for me.

Do you have any other tips on how you love your body?

This post is part of Body Positive January  set up by the fabulous Julie from Happy Mama Happy Baby. Go and check out all the wonderful posts and let's all feel great abut ourselves. You can also check out her Instagram party at #realhappymamas

Body Positive January 2016

Kat x

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  1. Yes, that's my mantra this year. Hopefully this is the year I get off my weight yoyo x


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