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What We Ate In Melbourne

I couldn't go to Melbourne without sharing a post with you all about the fabulous food we consumed during our trip. I've said it before that I think Melbourne has some of the best food in the world so I was really looking forward to visiting some of my old favourites and also try out some new places.

Melbourne is the 8th largest city geographically in the world and stretches 100km from East to West. There are incredible restaurants, bars and cafes throughout. Some golden oldies true and trusted to me, lots of trendy start ups and the latest craze is amazing street food. Even a month wasn't enough time to be able to get to all the places I would have liked to but we gave it a good go and when I remembered I took a snap of my meals.

I'm a vegetarian (that does eat fish - I guess that makes me a pescetarian), so you will notice a lack of meat dishes however they are all amazingly tasty and the places we visited had great meat dishes also. I should have taken pics of my hubby J's meals too! For a bit of fun I've rated each dish. Regardless of the rating I would visit all of these places again and try a different dish if necessary.

 Classic Mojito, Pumpkin & Fetta Aranchini, Side Salad  |  The Imperial South Yarra   |  My score : 8.5 / 10

The Imperial is located right on popular shopping strip Chapel Street, this delicious meal was my fuel before a spree. I really enjoyed it. The menu has a great selection of cocktails and tapas.

 Shake Teriyaki (Salmon)  |  Hibari South Yarra |  My score 9.5 / 10

Blink and you'll miss the door to Hibari Japanese restaurant. You might even be tempted to walk past it. It looks quite a basic restaurant but most of the best authentic Asian restraints in Melbourne do. My brother who used to be a local in this area gave us a strong recommendation for it and I will always 100% trust his dining recs so I made the reservation and I was not disappointed. This was the best Japanese I've ever tried. The salmon was cooked perfectly, the sauce was amazing and the meal was served with a smorgasbord of sides. Yum yum yum!

 Tofu Banh Mi (Vietnamese Baguette)  |  Roll'd Knox Ozone  |  My score 8 / 10

Even food court meals are amazing in Melbourne. Roll'd is actually a chain with many locations across Melbourne. They produce Vietnamese street food. Let me tell you, I have been to Vietnam and have had these Baguettes on the street and Roll'd are just as fresh, tasty and authentic. Give me this over Pret any day of the week.

Jumbo Agnolotti & Roasted Pumpkin Sauce |  The Cove Hotel Patterson Lakes  |  My score  7 / 10 

Patterson Lakes is a suburb on the water. Much of the suburb consists of canals, waterways and even some man made lakes. Many of the houses in this suburb back on to the water which means the owners can literally dock their boats in their backyards (and many do)! This restaurant is located on the marina and has superb views of the water. Their menu is delicious and is definately the fanciest bistro I've eaten at in Melbourne.

Roast Mushroom Omelette  |  Crackerjack Waterfront Cafe Seaford  |  My score 4.5  / 10 

I wanted to like this meal, I really did! The cafe was beautiful. It's another waterfront location, literally right on the beach with incredible views of the bay. It was also where the Australian movie Crackerjack was filmed. Unfortunately this meal was really salty and just not seasoned right. I ate it but I didn't love it. I would go to this again even to soak up the views with a coffee and toast because the cafe really was breathtaking.

 Fungi Pizza  (bottom centre pizza)  |  Baby Pizza Richmond  |  My score 3 / 10

Hot Cinnamon Doughnuts With Nutella Sauce  |  Baby Pizza Richmond  |  My score 7 / 10

Blood Orange Granita  |  Baby Pizza  Richmond |  My Score 9 / 10

Baby Pizza is one of those 'so hot right now' places and one that everyone's raving about. We enjoyed an evening here with a big group of friends at the end of a 40 degree day.  We were lucky to get a seat and we managed to get one outside by pushing a few smaller tables together. I wasn't a fan of my pizza and those in our group who also got pizza wan't impressed. Our friends who got the pastas and mains really enjoyed it though, I had meal envy! The cinnamon doughnuts that I shared with J were yummy and all was forgotten with the bad pizza when I got my hands on this delicious granita. It was so fresh, tasty and icy cold. Perfect for such a warm day.

 Sangria  |  Vic Night Market Melbourne CBD  |  My Score 10 / 10

Souvlaki  |  Vic Night Market Melbourne CBD  |  My Score 9.5 / 10 

 Potato Stick |  Vic Night Market Melbourne CBD  |  My Score 6.5 / 10

Salted Caramel & Red Velvet Ice Cream  |  Vic Night Market  9.5  / 10

Oh. Em. Gee. Where do I start? The Vic Night Market is on every Wednesday night in summer and not only is the home to some amazing market stalls, it has the most amazing selection of street food stalls you could ever imagine. Most of the food coming out of the night market is restaurant quality. The Sangria was the best I've ever had. I had a red one and don't know what spices were used but it almost tasted like mulled wine on ice. You'll have to take my word for it, it was delicious. I didn't get a shot of my souvlaki but included a quick snap of J's. My veggie souvlaki had fried saganaki cheese instead of meat. Just yum! The potato stick wasn't really my thing, it was a bit too fried for my liking but people seemed to love them, the longest line was coming from that stall! Theres a huge range of different seasonings you can choose for it to be sprinkled with. The ice cream! Oh the ice cream! The flavours were true to taste and although it was huge I devoured it far to quickly. I wish I could have savoured that taste. Vic night market would be my number one recommendation if you could only make it to one of my suggestions. There are so many options and it's street food at it's best

Farmers Breakfast  |  Pancake Parlour Doncaster  |   Hubby's score  8.5 / 10 

Red Velvet Pancakes With Cream Cheese  |  Pancake Parlour Doncaster |  My Score 8 / 10 

I can not believe we have nothing like Pancake Parlour in the UK. This is a family owned restaurant with many locations that is close to the heart of many Melbournites. There are even a handful of restaurants that are open 24/7, 7 days a week. Sweet pancakes, savoury pancakes, breakfast, lunch and dinner. You name it, its on the menu. I haven't come across anywhere that does better pancakes than the Pancake Parlour.

 Tomato, spinach, pumpkin and pine nut salad  |  Tusk Cafe Bar  Prahran  |   My Score 8 / 10

 Grilled Saganaki Cheese  |  Tusk Cafe Bar Prahran  |  My Score 7 / 10

Tusk is just a small cafe down the quiet end of Chapel Street that I used to frequent very regularly when I used to live just around the corner 8 years ago and it's still going strong.  This place is so boutique there's not even a website for it. Most of the delicious menu is still the same. I was trying to be rather healthy the particular night I visited here but their veggie burgers are out of this world! The waiters always seem to be travellers or students who give great service and extra laughs included and the outdoor seating area makes this place a perfect venue for alfresco dining.

 Penut Butter Monster Milkshake  |  Koffee Bar Ferntree Gully  |  My Score 8.5 / 10

Koffee Bar is a local cafe that do nice cafe style food. When I visited - the inside was pretty simple, although they are currently closed for renovations so I'm sure they're making some great improvements. Make the trek out here for their Monster Milkshakes. These are a growing trend in Melbourne and I'm quite a fan of a milkshake myself. I'm convinced these are designed to not be finished but I gave it a good go. I enjoyed it, although did feel the sugar overload afterwards!

Grilled fish packs (Flake, fried and rice and salad)  |  Hunky Dory South Yarra  |  My Score  8.5 / 10

I may be a bit controversial right here, but I do not like english fish and chips, actually I hate them! I find them really greasy and I think cod's quite an oily fish. On the flip side, Aussie fish and chips give me life. The chips are cooked differently making them crisp but not too greasy, the most common fish used is flake which is actually shark and is delicious. All fish and chip shops in Melbourne do grilled fish so well which I love but even when they batter it, it's not so greasy. That round bad boy that you see in the left  box is what we call a potato cake which is pretty much a battered potato circle and is soooo good. There are so many amazing family run fish and chip shops on local corners, my favourite one is in the outter suburbs in a place called Dandenong. Whilst in Melbourne this time I discovered Hunky Dory which is a chain that seems to have taken off and it's pretty good! I like that there are lots of pack options and you can have fried options or packs with rice and salad so great even if you're trying to be healthy.

 Coconut Frozen Yoghurt /w White Chocolate, Granola & Lemon Slice Toppings  |  Frozen South Yarra  |  My Score  10 / 10

This!!!! On another 40 degree day when I walked into a beautiful air conditioned shop that had a huge selection of frozen yoghurt flavours and an amazing buffet of any topping you could think of, it just had to get a 10 out of 10 from me.

Scrambled Eggs  |  Cafe Sienna  |  My Score  7 / 10 

This cafe is a pretty much landmark on Chapel Street. I remember visiting when I was in high school and I don't even want to count how many years ago that was. It's a place that's always there and you can count on it to serve you some trust wholesome cafe style food. It's also a great place to socialise over coffee or wine.

Vegetarian Steamed & Fried Dumplings  |  Dumpling Workshop Carnegie  |   My Score  9 / 10

Word on the street is the best place to get Chinese dumplings in Melbourne in Koornang Road Carnegie. I visited a place called Eastern Dumpling House last time I visited Melbourne and I was super keen to go back. We decided to go there between Christmas and New Years and when we arrived for lunch I was devastated to see that it was closed for the day. Luckily there are a few dumpling restaurants on the same street and we discovered Dumpling Workshop. I was just as impressed with this restaurant. It's a lovely social place to eat. You can order selections of different dumplings along with some other veggie and meat dishes and share. I love dumplings but haven't found any places like this in London. If you know of any, please give me a shout!

Wow, writing this post and revisiting my pictures has made my mouth water. I think I need to discover some new places to eat in London, any recommendations?

Kat x

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  1. HUNGRY!!! And I have already eaten dinner. I have to say; Melbourne is pretty fabulous and I love living here. Of course, I have hardly been to ANY of these gorgeous places. I am definitely loving the Food Truck / Street food rage at the moment as these are relatively local and kids can play around wildly. Amazing photos. #TwinklyTuesday

    1. Ahhhh! A fello Melbournian blogger! Yes we had such a fab time. I'm sure we'll be back to live even if just for a short time one day x

  2. Oh wow! These all look fantastic. I was in Melbourne for a month back in 2001 and I loved the food there. There was so much choice and there was way more Asian and Middle Eastern food available than in Ireland at the time.

    1. Yes! Melbournians still do multi cultural good selection so well, especially Asian food x

  3. amazing read and photography - love the look of those cinnamon nutella doughnuts!! happy #twinklytuesdays

  4. Haha good selections! I'm craving Vietnamese food now x


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