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A Day With: Happy Mama = Happy Baby

A Day With: Is a fun series I am running on the blog. I love 'day in the life' style mummy posts. They are fun to read and interesting to see the way different mums manage their days. I think all mummies are superheroes  We all have our own challenges with managing our lives and running our households, but we get through it and that should be celebrated.

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Todays guest is Julie from Happy Mama = Happy Baby. Julie, her husband and her 16 month old baby boy live in Portugal (are you jealous yet?), having recently moved back there after a 5 year stint in Brazil (you must definitely be jealous by now!).

I love Julie's gentle parenting approaches. She shares them on her blog and it's lovely to see them in her day to day. I also love the idea of baby yoga. I'm totally going to look it up and see if they do it in my neighbourhood.

Snapshot of a Monday in November with a 16-month old toddler 
4:00 am Baby wakes up to nurse. Usually we both just roll over and fall back to sleep but this morning he has other plans. Before he can start hitting his sleeping dad over the head with a cushion I drag him to his room where he plays while I pretend to be awake. Luckily for me after half an hour he decides it’s time to go back to our bed.
8:00 am I wake up and have a split second to wonder if I can creep out of the room for a quiet cup of tea when baby’s eyelids flutter. I guess we’re up for the day. We brush our teeth together, then while baby plays with the bidet I make breakfast, check my e-mails, social media and other messages. 
8:30 am Baby boy and I share breakfast on the balcony. Today it’s an omelette with peanut butter and raspberry jam.

9:00 am My husband surfaces from our office and baby boy runs off to play with him. I make the most of these precious minutes on my own to…. mend the broken dishwasher. I can’t work out what’s wrong and end up calling a guy to come fix it. At least it’s a beautiful day so off we go to the park!  

10:30 am  After a leisurely walk to the park where we stop to examine interesting leaves, pet the cats, chase pigeons and eventually play on the playground it’s time to head home because I have a Yoga lesson booked for 11 o’clock. 
11:00 am Baby-friendly yoga - I’m super excited and a bit nervous as I have no idea how it will go. Baby boy is a great sport as usual: he joins in the poses, runs around the room playing with his toys and only asks for a quick nursing break twice. 
12:30 pm Since it’ just the two of us today I make a quick pasta for lunch with crushed tomatoes and olive oil. Baby boy stuffs his face with pasta, then spits everything out. Once we’ve cleaned up the worst of the mess we head to his room to play. He’s having fun with his toys so I manage to make some reading cards for him and tidy up a bit. I’m pretty sure he’s tired but he doesn’t want to go down for a nap.
1:30 pm Baby boy is still in a great mood playing in his room, so I send off some e-mails, make a cup of tea and fold the laundry with his “help”. We only get halfway through the basket before baby boy gets bored so, once again, my clothes remain in a heap.
2:30 pm Baby boy finally asks for some milk and we lie down in his bedroom. After half an hour he falls asleep. Now it’s time to catch up on blogging, social media and the like.
4:15 pm Baby boy wakes up for a quick nursing break. I rush into the room to feed him while he’s still half-asleep and he goes back down. Hurray! 
5:15 pm Baby boy wakes again. It looks like he might go down again but after a bit of milk and a snooze he is up and ready to go! By this time my husband has come home, so the two head out for their usual walk and play time.
5:30 pm The house is quiet which means it’s time for a SHOWER. While the boys are out I straighten the house up a bit and do all the noisy things I can’t do when baby boy is napping. 
7:00 pm Baby boy and his dad are back so it’s time for their bath/shower. My husband has been in charge of bath time since baby boy was born and I love that it’s now their “thing”. While they’re in the bath I start putting dinner together.
7:30 pm Baby comes out of bath into my arms. We put on pyjamas and then ring grandma for a quick chat via Skype. 
8:00 pm My husband plays with baby boy in the living room so I can focus on dinner. I pretend to be busy cooking while I’m actually setting up a new advertising campaign for my Facebook page. Between clicks and stirring the pans on the stove my husband and I share a glass of wine and catch up on our day.
9:00 pm Baby boy usually joins us for dinner but tonight he’s so tired he ends up asking for milk and falling asleep before dinner is ready. I put him down in our bed, switch the baby monitor on and head back to the kitchen to finish up our meal.
10:00 pm After dinner my husband and I chill and watch a bit of TV. I try to make it to bed around 10 o’clock, since who knows what the night will bring! The three of us co-sleep on a great big futon and I still love crawling into bed next to a sleeping baby. By the time my husband joins us I’m usually already fast asleep. 
You can find more of Julie on her blog happy mama happy baby or follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Kat x
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  1. Love these posts :) It's so cool to see how other moms spend their days!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Marina. I love them too, that's exactly why I run this series :) x

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